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"cal err" showing up on new radio


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  • "cal err" showing up on new radio

    I bought a brand new OEM radio with a 6 CD changer and installed it in my 2003 pickup. It now says "cal err" for a second or two whenever I turn on the radio. Then it goes away. The CD and the radio work great. I researched this on the net and got a bunch of crap from know nothings. There was never a "LOC" procedure because it is a new unit.
    Does anyone, on here, work for Chevy and have any idea what this error means?
    sigpic2003 Silverado Z71 5.3L 3.73
    Notice the Ranger Decal

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    Re: "cal err" showing up on new radio

    Just got back from the Chevy dealer and had the radio re-calibrated to my truck. Here are some of things it fixed on the radio after doing this.
    1. The dash light dimmer now works on the radio also.
    2. The RDS system works.
    3. It now scans and seeks correctly.
    4. The EQ system sounds really good now. Before there was way too much mid-range and the EQ would not correct it.
    5. The ding-dong for lights and key sounds is controllable.
    6. It now lists the tracks of the CD by name.
    7. It now will scan for different types of music that I select (i.e. country, rock etc)
    8. The speakers sound much better. Before they were kinda muffled.

    So this is what the calibration does for you. It matches your VIN number to a computer mock up of your vehicle in Detroit's GM system. Some engineer has determined all the correct settings for your type of vehicle, and wrote a code for it. The radio downloads that code into an eprom memory area and sets all your radio stuff to that particular vehicle. Pretty cool. My programming was free because of the screw-up with the dealer when we found the old CD didn't work. They were going to pay $193 to a business in Portland, Oregon to buy a refurbished radio with a single CD player. I got this radio off of eBay for $79 (incl S&H) from a Chevy dealer in Virginia. IT was brand new and was made for 2003 vehicles. I love the internet.
    The programming costs $85 if I would have had to pay for it.
    sigpic2003 Silverado Z71 5.3L 3.73
    Notice the Ranger Decal