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Metal Polish / Aluminum results


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  • Metal Polish / Aluminum results

    So I got my wheels back from the powder coater. The wheels were likely acid washed before coating & I had a few dings cleaned up/ sanded out at the wheel repair shop so polishing was needed. I decided that I wasn't going to pop the extra $140 for them to polish the lips. I dry sanded with 1000, a quick once-over with a 'fine' sanding sponge, wet sanded with 1500, & wiped them down with acetone before applying the polish.

    I bought a new polish that my neighbor had recommended based of the results he had with bare aluminum wheels.
    Since I had some other products around, I thought I'd make a comparison. I masked off 4 sections of the wheel lips to see which did the best.

    This stuff is the shiznit. After wet sanding, I wet a paper towel with this stuff & started rubbing. I barely used any pressure, just worked it quick before it dried up. Mopped up the excess with another paper towel after letting it set a minute & a quick buff with a microfiber was all they needed. Nice vanilla scent.

    Eagle one was the first runner up. It gave a nice shine with little effort, but it just didn't perform as well as the white diamond. Oily feeling & smells like turpentine. It smears a bit when cleaning up.

    The blue magic was disappointing next to the others. It was easy to deal with like the White Diamond, but the results were lackluster.

    It was only marginal better than the Meguiars 105 which I expected to do little on the aluminum

    Unfortunately, I was running late & didn't grab a pic of the comparison. If someone was really interested, I could do it with one of the other wheels I have left to complete.

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    Re: Metal Polish / Aluminum results

    As luck would have it, I got after the other 2 last night & found a tub of old Mother's in the box:

    Masked off

    After a bit of rubbing



    White diamond

    Mothers vs White diamond....
    The results are really close & the process is about the same for both. Mothers is a bit more greasy when cleaning up the excess, but overall didn't require any more elbow grease or time.

    I'd say if they were side by side, I'd probably still lean towards the WD all things the same. If Mothers was a couple bucks cheaper than the WD, I'd pick it up.


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      Re: Metal Polish / Aluminum results

      I will buy a bottle of White Diamond. Thanks for the review!


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        Re: Metal Polish / Aluminum results

        Great review. I like using the wet diamond on chromes and aluminums, and it works great.


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          Re: Metal Polish / Aluminum results


          Wet sanding

          Top left is finished product. Below it is what I started with. After 1000 grit & after 1500

          I'm diggin the matt look. I may just wet sand everything & leave it next go around

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            Re: Metal Polish / Aluminum results

            Nice! But I like it shiny though.


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              Re: Metal Polish / Aluminum results

              Cool wheels!


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                Great review! This is motivation for me to give my wheels a good polishing next time I wash the truck.
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