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HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe


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  • HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

    Hey guys,

    I'm having trouble with my "tire pressure" monitor on my 2004 Tahoe. I have 22'' wheels and I made sure the stock sensors were installed on the new wheels. The problem is that everytime I start my tahoe, the "check tire pressure" message displays in the message center. It has become quite irritating and I am very anxious to fix this problem. I've already been back to the place that I bought the tires/wheels from and the guy seemed to know how to fix it. He simply turned the light switch on/off 4 times quickly and then deflated the air out of each tire until the horn honked. This worked and we thought the problem was fixed. Although I was half way home from the tire store and the damn message came back on. I thought I would ask you guys whether you've ran into this problem at all. Please let me know if you have any solutions.


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    Re: HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

    That may have reset it, but it may have to be reprogrammed at the dealership or he is not doing it correctly. I thought it honked twice when the coreect airpressure was reached. Once was to recognize the sensor and two was the right pressure was set. I may be wrong. but I'll check with my service dept. later and see for sure.

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      Re: HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

      my friends denali did the same thing they tried messin with it but he had 26's and it kept messin up so he just left it


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        Re: HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

        Is there a way to just disconnect it? My friend left the sensors off of her wheels when she had her 22s put on.
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          Re: HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

          The tire pressure monitoring system can't be disabled very easily. I was never able to come up with a way to disable it on my '05 Tahoe.

          Read this:

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            Re: HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

            Mark - what did the service department say about this?
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              Re: HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

              Regarding resetting the system: It should only need to be reset when the wheels are rotated, or, as you had done, the sensors were placed in new wheels. The reason why, is that each sensor has a 'signature' that the vehicle expects to be in a certain position.

              Once the system was readied to be reset, the car honked, and the tech had five minutes to either increase or lower the pressure in each tire. After each tire, there should have been a honk or some other indicator noise from your truck to show that the wheel has been accepted into the new position.

              Obviously, the tires should have been set to the correct pressure after completing this process. Something to keep in mind, is that the tire air chucks used to inflate tires have a gauge on them, which is accurate to within 2 pounds. If that gauge is reading high, then the actual pressure would be low. Also, if you require lower pressure for the new tires than the stock ones would be set at, that would also cause the warning message.

              If lower pressure is required for those tires(you can compare the desired pressure to the stock pressure on the sticker on the drivers door/door jam), or if the message will not clear with the proper pressure, I would recommend returning to the dealership and have them adjust the system.
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                Re: HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

                Hey guys...there has never been a clear answer on what the factory reset procedure is. I know there are techs on this forum that work for chevy....why can't we get a straight answer on how to solve this common problem??


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                  Re: HELP with "Tire Pressure" monitor on 04' Tahoe

                  Check your owner's manual, the procedure is listed in it. If your 22" wheels don't run the same pressures as the factory wheels, you may have to check into getting something programmed. (I don't know if that is even possible)
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