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Cam choice for a streetable 454 in a 4x4


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  • Cam choice for a streetable 454 in a 4x4

    Hey, it has been a while since i have been on here but i have been getting parts together to start assembly on my big block. My truck is in my sig, 1980 k10, nv4500 swapped in, twinstick np205, 14bolt with 4:10's and locker, 6 inch lift and 36 inch irok's. Its coming together to be my dream truck.

    The first motor i built was a tunnel rammed 383 small block (pictured in sig). I have removed that motor and i am replaceing it with a big block i am building.

    The new motor is a 454 out of a 1979 c-30. I has small port light duty heads on it last 3 numbers in the casting number are "045". I have ported the heads and cut in larger valves. I know that these are my downfall when it comes to makeing power, but thats not my biggest concern. I trying to orient this motor twards power and driveability.

    The block is being machined .30 over and i plan on running around 9.5 to 9.7 compression ratio. I also plan to run a dual plane edelbrock intake manifold with a quadrajet or maybe even a holley truck avenger.

    Im sitting here tonight trying to pick a cam though. Im not trying to break any horsepower or torque records, but lets face it, i am a horse power junkie so i want a little pep. The basic orientation of the truck is a well rounded hunting truck that will get me in the woods on saturday mornings and i can drive all week as well. I plan on takeing this truck on 3 hour drives to the beach in the summer and 4 hour drives to the mountains in the winter.

    The cam that has really cought my eye is the Comp cams xtreme 4x4 cam, part number: 11-239-3. Its operateing range is from 1600-5800rpm and seems like it should work well. I can compensate for the minor off idle laps in power with the clutch but im worried that it will kill my driveability and make it horrible on gas mileage even with the nv4500's overdrive.
    Link to the cam for specs:

    Any ideas on how this will perform in an vehicle thats main purpose is a powerfull daily driver?

    I really need your input because everyone at the machine shop is into drag cars not truck motors.

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    Re: Cam choice for a streetable 454 in a 4x4

    That cam might be a little on the big side if you are planing on driving the pickup on long trips. Download this free desktop dyno to help you choose a cam:

    I HIGHLY recomend a roller cam though. I have been through 2 big blocks in my pickup due to the hydrolic flat tappet cam going flat. Total miles between both of them is under 7000. Both motors were built by pros. Oil companies quit putting zinc in oil, without it flat tappet cams don't last as long.
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      Re: Cam choice for a streetable 454 in a 4x4

      hillbillybowtie, clear out your PM box, i can't respond to you until you do.
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        Re: Cam choice for a streetable 454 in a 4x4

        That cam was recommended to me by my engine shop for a 350 tpi i want to rebuild. I have the same reservations. I use this truck for hunting and need something thats good on the highway. That compcams link doesnt work on my computer..which one is it you are suggestiing
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