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22" wheel offset for 4-6 drop on ccsb


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  • 22" wheel offset for 4-6 drop on ccsb

    Getting ready to install a 4-6 drop on a obs ccsb. not sure if iam goin to run 22's or a 20/22 combo. This will be a daily driver just have some questions and honest opinions to help make up which way i want to go with it, Any advise is appreciated being the billet wheels cost so dam much. Keep in mind i will be running billet specialties width 8.5 up front and 10 in the rear, and can choose just about any offsets needed

    1. With 22's i see most are running 255/35/22... can a 255/40/22 or 265/35/22 be used?

    2. how is the ride quality with 35 series compared to the 40 . ( i prefer a little more side wall just because its daily driven... Yes i know the 35's look better)lol
    3. some people say they rub alot with 22's up front.. others say they don't rub at all. is this because of the off set they are choosing... or is it they ALL will rub and its just the nature of the beast.
    4. has anyone had 22's up front and went down to a 20's and whats the reason why you did so.
    5. as for the rear on a 22x10 wheel, what is the max off set to give me the most lip( i will do my own mesurements but just want something i can reference to see if iam doing it correctly) .. as for the rear tire i would like to run a 285/40/22 if possible.. if i can squeeeeeez a 295 even better

    Sorry for all the question and i have done A LOT of reading from some old threads but still have some questions, i do value all of your opinions and greatly appreciate it. Thanks again , Mike