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2000 Chevy - Raise front end


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  • 2000 Chevy - Raise front end

    I've got a stock 2000 Chevy Silverado, Z71, ext. cab, short bed ... I moved up from a 1990 2wd Silverado, and am so far really happy about this new style Chevy. Anyways, I guess I can't stand the front end being lower than the rear end on these 4x4 trucks. I didn't like it on my old 2wd, and now I've got 4x4 and the front end's still low.

    I've heard of spacers or something and putting them in-between the front springs, but I don't know if this was just for older body style trucks or what?

    Has anyone done this to this newer body style, as far as raising the front just to be level with the rear? If so, what options are there out there? And do they all compromise ride quality/smoothness? It seems it would potentially mess up steering and who knows what else, I'm no mechanic ... figure everyone out in these forums has got to have done this or have ideas.

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    Re: 2000 Chevy - Raise front end

    This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to lift your front end to level it out.

    Also on your truck you don't have front springs, your gonna have torsion bars so the spacers are out of the question. If you had a 2wd model, then you would have coils up front and could use spacers.
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      Re: 2000 Chevy - Raise front end

      You can go under the truck and crank on the torsion bars and raise the front some. Or you can change the keys (to Ford keys) and raise it more. But be aware that once a certain height is reached, the angles on the driveline components has changed enough to cause a lot of wear, which can lead to early failure. Some people say that when you start raising the front very much the ride quality goes downhill. I don't know, as I only raised my front about ¾-inch to level my Burb after I put overload springs on the back end. (Unlike trucks many stock Burbs set higher in front than in back).
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        Re: 2000 Chevy - Raise front end

        Well, hrmm ... after reading that, and talking to a close friend about this some more in person ... I guess I'll just live with it, and be damned sure I'll be buying a 2500HD or something next time so it'll be (more) level.