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Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?


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    Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

    What I've fixed so far...
    Ball joints
    front right half-shaft
    idler arm
    blown V6 (350 swapped in)
    2 Stupid A/c compressors (first replacement sounded like a helicopter taking off)
    Left rear wheel seal
    exhaust (bought it with only part of a y-pipe behind the manifold, now dual glassys w/ tips)
    clutch, pp, and throwout bearing
    couple of gauges
    rear seal on T-case

    Missing drivers mirror (mounting plate broke off)
    Wheel seal started leaking again
    E- brake is torn all to shreds (cable-wise)
    intake gasket leaks a little...
    paint is chipping off cab and hood.
    D@$# cab corners!
    thing dies repetitively when cold starting, and other random times.
    Rear tires wear out at alarming rates.......
    4x4 not working correctly, not sure why yet
    Speed sensor works intermittenly

    I have probably done more than this, but don't really remember, and there is probably more wrong with it too, but it is definitely worth it.
    1989 K1500 Sport 4x4 RCSB
    Swapped the 2nd 4.3L for a '93 burb 350
    And of course a 5-speed manny tranny
    "There'd be no truck drivers if it wasn't for us trucks, No double-clutchin', gear-jammin', coffee-drinkin' nuts"


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      Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

      Present problem are as follows

      NP241 Tcase ... soemthing is messed but is still works
      Pitman arm
      Upper ball joints (i think)
      Body work
      Rough ROUGH run while cold and REALLY cold outside
      Blown 700-R4 not fixed yet so truck is sitting
      Shocks are fugered
      windshield cracked
      rear slider lock busted
      Hole in floor under brake pedal

      Previous problems:

      2 x 10 bolt rear end with G80 ... in 20-30 pieces now
      1 x 700-R4 every forward clutch gone
      5 x Idler arm
      1 x Pitman arm
      1 x Exhaust system
      1 x 305 TBI motor
      3 x Set of four tires :P my own fault and probably helped the rear ends and tranny out ;)
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      95 Silverado RCLB Z71 3/4 ton
      6" ProComp 3" BL
      38x15.50x20 Nitto Mud Grapplers on 20x10 Eagle Alloy 064 Series
      06 LQ9 6.0L, NV3500, 14SF with 4.88's
      True Duals, Mangaflow Dual-in Dual out with 45's


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        Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

        No problems with mine.
        Ed G


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          Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

          Originally posted by Tim James
          SwampBus, do you run your truck really low on gas a lot?

          Nothing's wrong with mine, although the instrument cluster recently went on it and the warranty-replaced one seems to not have all the bulbs working perfectlly...
          Thats what everybody asks but no, ever since the first fuel pump went out I dont let it go below a 1/3 tank. The Bosch pump has held up pretty good so far but I have to push the truck more than I can drive it.
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            Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

            Maybe I need to get a

            My Ford ZX2 has been a great car for the past 165,000 miles and the only thing that has ever gone wrong with it was a timing belt at 150k and the ignition switch at 130k and thats a lot more than I can say about any of the 25 GM's I have had

            The Ford cars are great but I've had bad luck with the few ford trucks I have had. My old 89 F150 couldn't make it 10 miles and my 88 F350 spontaneously burst into flames so an Expedition would be out of the question.

            I had an 03 Tahoe for a while and it was great but it didn't even have 10k on it. I'm buying a wrecked 2000 Tahoe NBS with 156k for $5500 (needs $1500 worth of work) and I hope it'll be more reliable than the Suburban. Does anybody on here have a NBS with over 150k on it? How well do they hold up?
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              Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

              other than the fact i have the 4.3L V6, i have no complaints
              2008 Sierra SLE 2WD Crew 5.3L Flex/Magnaflow 3"/BB Tune/305s on 24s
              1999 Silverado 1500 LS 4.8L Z71 -Sold
              1998 Cheyenne 1500 4.3L Z71 -Sold


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                Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                2000 Yukon: secondary air injection something or rather, cleaned check valves after making sure air pump works, were pretty gunked up, no more light. New GM no rattle PCV, no more oil consumption

                1964 Chevy: Blown rear end after power take off in granny low:LOL: had a pile of kids in the back of the camper (about 6 if memory serves) shaved about a dozen teeth off of the ring gear, tranny ok. got new rear end from wrecking yard, new brakes, blew 230, dropped used 350 in it, burned valve, in process of new 350, needs lots and lots of body work. the 'ol Pullman camper shell needs some work and the seat is shot, glove box is duct taped together. Cant wait to tear into the beast.

                2000 GMC Yukon 4X2
                5.3 Vortec V-8
                Stock-so far
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                  Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                  03 Chevy, Intermedate steering shaft replaced, and I feel its going out again. tailgate cables, recall. Has 15,000 on it! Other than that, no problems!


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                    Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                    2004 Silverado, 58,000 kilometers (36,000 miles)

                    My steering shaft was replaced under warranty a month or so ago. I had a few bearings changed in my transfer case at the same time, also under warranty. My heated mirrors constantly stop working. I've given up on them.

                    Overall I am happy with the truck and understand that every vehicle has it's problems.
                    Best regards,

                    2004 Silverado ex-cab Z71 5.3 litre. Carbon Metallic Paint.
                    285/70/17 BFG's. Foldacover lid. Spray-on-liner. Chrome grill insert.
                    Dual stainless exhaust.


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                      Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                      I bought a white 96 Tahoe 4dr 4x4 with 138k in January. It definately needed some TLC.

                      The records indicated a fuel pump replacement a couple of years ago. Whew!

                      Since I got it:
                      replaced shocks
                      4x4 service - F/R dif and xfer case
                      tranny fuild/filter
                      air filter
                      flushed/filled radiator
                      lower ball joints
                      swapped fabric seats with two leather, powered and heated
                      replaced front/rear sway bars with aftermarket and poly bushings
                      replaced the carpet(po had dogs and moisture)
                      replaced headliner(po was smoker)
                      scrapped/primer/painted floor pan (Rustoleum)
                      replaced crappy GM floor pan plugs with heavy sheet metal and silicone seal
                      replaced battery with DieHard Gold
                      replaced floor bracket(rusted apart) that holds tire jack panel
                      replaced 5 doors cab weatherstripping
                      polished/swirl remover exterior
                      idler/pitman arms and idler arm bracket
                      replaced front washer fluid pump
                      recall was still open on wiper circuit board - free replacement by GM dealer

                      It needs:
                      pinion seal replaced
                      rear shoes
                      rear rubber
                      drop ball for the hitch for my motorcycle trailer (not sure how much drop i need yet)
                      25 mpg fancy/smancy add-on kit (jk)
                      three umbrella girls (not going to happen but it certainly would be nice)

                      I would like to:
                      new sound system
                      possibly fender flares

                      I think it's possible the tranny may go out but I've already started budgeting a bit of money away for a replacement if need be.

                      I wanted to go Tahoe this time. I've got a 98 Grand Prix GTP as my only other GM product so far. I drove an 87 Bronco 2 and Explorer's up to 98 without any issues.
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                        Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                        1975 K10, had her for 5 years now, only real problem was the cooked tranny.
                        My problem = always want more power and can't stay off the throttle. Oh ya lots of tires too.

                        1975 K10 Stepside- Tow vehicle and toy
                        1964 Nova- Straight liner
                        1956 Chevy 150- Cruiser under construction


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                          Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                          '01 1500, 5.3, bought new.

                          1) The infamous Piston Slap - Not fixed
                          2) Taigate Cable Recall - Fixed
                          3) Scraping noise caused by e-brake shoe dragging - Dealer replaced shoe & retainer clip, noise came back, then it fixed itself somehow....
                          4) Right rear caliper hung up & wore out 1 brake pad - Replaced rear pads, removed corrosion from pins, and greased them.
                          5) Drivers door creeks - Not fixed yet.
                          6) Intermediate steering shaft rattle - Only does it occasionally & it's very slight, so i'll leave it alone for now.
                          7) Transmission slips a little once in a great while - Won't be fixed until it goes out.
                          When all is said and done, usually more is said.
                          '01 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd 5.3 LS ECSB


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                            Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                            here is what has been broken and fixed since '95 when i got the truck
                            1. have put 4 radiators in it, if you count patching the original twice, that makes for 6 leaking radiators!!!!!! i still hold my breath every time i get out of the truck and check if its leaking again. thank goodness for lifetime warranty radiators. anyone else had this problem?
                            2. 1 alternator, but this one is starting to make noises.............
                            3. idler and pitman arms replaced once
                            4. a/c compressor went out, swapped over system to new refrigerant
                            5. parking brake release handle broke
                            6. brake light switch
                            7. knock sensor
                            8. 1 water pump
                            9. 1 starter
                            10. front wiper switch
                            11. rear wiper switch
                            12. rear tail lights quit working
                            13. 1 thermostat (only time its ever put me on the side of the road)
                            14. shocks, but that is a normal wear item
                            15. right rear drum had some type of spring break
                            16. fuel pump

                            here is what is currently wrong and not fixed
                            1. intake manifold gasket leak
                            2. exhaust manifold gasket leak
                            3. i think a rear main seal leaking
                            4. electric rear tail gate unlock switch work usually does not work
                            5. driver's side door pin and bushing need changing
                            6. miss/stumble when towing much of anything or if i really get on the gas
                            7. clunk in rear end that i've had for about 3 years now

                            all in all its been a great truck, it was originally a michigan natural gas company truck. bought it from a guy that got it auction with 52,000 mi. if it blows up tomorrow i have gotten my money out of it. about to have to put some major coin in it to fix #'s 1-3 though
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                            1992 BLAZER 5.7L
                            K&N AIR FILTER+MODIFIED STOCK AIR INTAKE
                            FLOWMASTER 70 SERIES SI/DO
                            RANCHO RSX SHOCKS
                            BFG AT 285/75/R16's
                            EDELBROCK 3704 INTAKE
                            XTREMEFI 46MM THROTTLE BODY
                            MSD 6A BOX

                            relax, my old man's a television repairman. he's got this ultimate set of tools, i can fix it.


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                              Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                              2000 Silverado 4x4 (auto tran):
                              Something is going "clunk"; especially when I shift from Park into any gear or if I'm coasting and then step on the gas again
                              (rear diff?, U-joints?, carrier pin?? I don't know but it's annoying and I really need to get it fixed soon :o ); it's getting embarrassing; CLUNK!

                              other than that; just the stupid brake recall every year since we got the darn thing (brand new in 2000).
                              You'd think I'd know better


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                                Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                                whats wrong with it? it's a chev... LOL jk. i just replaced the ball joints, outter tie rod ends, idler arm, tranny mount. my engine could use a rebuild.