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Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?


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    Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

    Nothing! bought it brand new in July of 05 with 22 miles on it. It does have14k miles and the w/p has gone once already, but other than that its perfect.
    2005 GMC 1500HD 6.0, 3.73, true dual 50 series.


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      Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

      1995 Chevy C1500 Silverado RCSB (5.7L, 197,xxx miles)

      Air Conditioning -
      The Air Conditioning went out for couple of times until it finally dies in June 2005 and the A/C still out, but I will have it replace sometime before Spring (Hopefully!).

      Windshield Glass -
      I blame the Dump Trucks.

      Windshield Wiper Motor -
      Recalls. Went out few times during the bad weather, but thankfully, Mr. Goodwrench fix it for me!

      Otherwise, I'm still happy with my truck that I have no engine nor transmission problems.
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      2009 Chevrolet Silverado ECSB Z71/4WD-1LT


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        Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

        Major Items Since I got it:
        Fuel Pump

        Minor Items:
        Fuel Filter
        Wiper blades

        What it needs:
        it had a intake manifold leak.. a lil bars leak fixed it for now.
        once summer rolls around I'll fix it for real. as the car goes into
        use then.

        I need to remove the front bug shield which someone decided to
        double side tape to the underside, which as you may know
        doesn't allow water to drain out, and alas the leading edge
        of the hood is peeling and rusting.

        I need to fix the nice cut piece of metal cut above the
        gas tank, someone again thought this was a good idea.

        I need to get a DDX-7015 to fit in the dash.(ok thats not something
        wrong, but I need it)

        Needs new cats, and while I'm on that one.. needs a nice exhaust too.

        New tires by the time winter rolls around next season.
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          Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

          Originally posted by Bullwinkle
          '01 1500, 5.3, bought new.

          1) The infamous Piston Slap - Not fixed
          2) Taigate Cable Recall - Fixed
          3) Scraping noise caused by e-brake shoe dragging - Dealer replaced shoe & retainer clip, noise came back, then it fixed itself somehow....
          4) Right rear caliper hung up & wore out 1 brake pad - Replaced rear pads, removed corrosion from pins, and greased them.
          5) Drivers door creeks - Not fixed yet.
          6) Intermediate steering shaft rattle - Only does it occasionally & it's very slight, so i'll leave it alone for now.
          7) Transmission slips a little once in a great while - Won't be fixed until it goes out.
          Will someone please tell me more about the piston slap? I haven't heard about this in the 5.3's.
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            Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

            For you guys who have the clunk sound comming from the rear ends. I found that after I greased up the slip yoke on the driveline and the output splines of the auto trans, the clunk went away. Give it a try, might be your problem.

            As for my problems.. 96:4x4 2door Tahoe, 350/ auto trans- 151,000 miles
            Daytime running lights dont work (I think its the lil diode under the dash)
            Power lumbar support in passenger seat doesnt firm up (not sure of the prob, but the motor works, cant hear leaking air)
            Shocks need to be replaced (all 4 sound like weezy asthmatics on slight bumps)
            Bumper trim on passenger side was broke loose after a small encounter with a devil fence in the dunes (not really a major prob)
            Drivers side outside door handle was broken, but I recently replaced that.

            So far thats about all, nothing major but I have only owned it about a month now.
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              Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

              Looks like I need to add a CLutch to my original (long) list.
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                Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                I get a clunk when I take off u-joints? I have a squeak in my back doors and my heater makes a funny noise.


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                  Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?


                  no lets see rust rust rust and its a 93. mechanically good cause its a 5 speed and a 350 with 70k

                  but ive replaced the clutch water pump brakelines needs fuel lines needs new core support new fenders cab corners exhaust leak all e brake cables all brakes, cvs , i think thats almost it probably not though
                  355 coming back out!


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                    Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                    The truck (88 K1500) is sold, but I'll list the problems anyway.

                    Oil pressure sending unit blew and seeped oil. I think this might have had something to do with the fact that when the motor was rebuilt it would produce an oil pressure of somewhere around 80+
                    Idler/Pitman arms toasty.
                    Driver's side balljoints toasty.
                    Cab had more rust than metal. Corners and rockers = gone.
                    Weeping front tranny seal. Was slowly getting better.
                    Replaced both front hub assemblies.
                    Starter began to go ghey yesterday. Did this slow "rowr....rowr...rowr...VRROOOM!" when it started.

                    I hope the only problems my next truck has is blowing a lot of smoke occasionally and smelling stinky...I love diesels.


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                      Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                      Originally posted by SwampBus
                      Will someone please tell me more about the piston slap? I haven't heard about this in the 5.3's.
                      I'm sorry to post this on a GM forum.

                      When all is said and done, usually more is said.
                      '01 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd 5.3 LS ECSB


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                        Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                        FIXED 92 fsc 139,424 miles,
                        1. 2 sets of tie rods
                        2. 3 cv joints
                        3. 2 power stearrings
                        4. 2 pitman arms
                        5. 1 alt
                        6. 1 termal actuator
                        7. 1 radiator
                        8. 1 water pump
                        9. 1 distubuter
                        10. 2 trannys
                        11. 1 oil pump
                        12. 1 set rear gears
                        13. 1 set front gears
                        14. EGR valve
                        15. 1 starter
                        16. 1 set of starter wires
                        17. 1 A arm

                        The tranny is the thing that doesnt work at the moment in the 92, but other than that nothing else is wrong

                        FIXED 97 FSG
                        1. starter
                        2. 1 intake manifold gasket
                        3. 1 radiator

                        the trucks runs great nothing wrong at the moment(nock on wood)
                        Im really happy with the chevys

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                          Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                          Since I got my FSC in 97 I have replaced:

                          water pump (couple times)
                          freeze plugs --last one cost me the engine. Didn't know it was gone, no water, engine got way too hot
                          starter (couple times)
                          alternator (couple times)
                          fuel pump
                          u joints (maybe 6 times)
                          clutch fork
                          throwout bearing
                          clutch master cylinder (4 times, what is with the hose connection breaking?)
                          clutch slave cylinder
                          pressure plate
                          muffler rusted out, replaced with cherry bomb
                          speedometer quit, dealer replaced some kind of sensor or something it was years ago
                          and 3 engines (the first one died due to freeze plug suprise, second was junk, made the guy put another one in, it was worse, never ran, now it's on it's 4th engine--350!

                          What's wrong with it now?

                          door hinge pins
                          cracked windshied
                          no rear window (plexiglass, vinyl, pexiglass layer and about 2 rolls of duct tape in it's place right now)
                          dry rotted, seperating tires (scary. hope they last another month so I can get some good used ones)
                          brakes feel funny, don't know why, maybe sticky caliper
                          driver's side armrest is missing/broken
                          needs a PROM for a 5 speed and not a auto
                          rear view mirror is missing
                          needs U joints again, front and back this time

                          and I reckon it may need:
                          tie rod ends
                          ball joints
                          212,000 miles and they're still what came with it.


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                            Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                            truck is the one in my sig

                            -tranny is junk...JUNK
                            -carrier bearing is junk, i can pick up my driveshaft
                            -steering wheel is c@cked to one side but it doesn't pull going down the road....all the time
                            -something in the column sounds like it scrapes on something sometimes
                            -i have no dash pad
                            -rockers and cab corners are very rusted
                            -i did a wicked shotty job on the driver side rockers (ill admit it)
                            -carb is way to big for the motor and it wont handle a load with out advancing the timing enough to detonate any motor to death
                            -one of the bulkhead fittings in my fuel cell oozes fuel
                            -horn doesn't work
                            -driverside door and fender dont line up and the driver door doesn't open without prying the fener with a screwdriver
                            -no grille
                            -inner fenders are rusty and one is loose
                            -only one frame rail has been sanded and undercoated
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                            2009 RCSB 5.3
                            1991 S10: Carbed 5.3, th350, ford 8.8
                            11.85@114.3 w/ 1.83 60'


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                              Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                              With the miles on mine what isnt??


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                                Re: Be Honest! Whats wrong with your truck?

                                05 Z71 ext. cab 5.3 aluminum block currently 19K miles (mostly towing!)

                                So far I've had the steering shaft issue (I didn't bother with the TSB fix. I greesed it once myself then I went for the Borgeson shaft).

                                Once during a winter snow storm my compass mirror went wacky, but it hasn't happened again.

                                Warped front rotors. I pulled them off today to get them resurfaced and found the set screw was cross threaded from the factory and not seated all the way. I don't know if this contributed to my warped rotor or not.

                                My "service 4wd" light comes on in the rain. I haven't had time to see the dealer yet to fix it.

                                Other than that it's just the usual well documented issues with the NBS truck... Losts of wind noise, lots of rattles from the rear doors, clunky front suspension etc.

                                I had a 90 and a 96 that with well into 200K miles were still rock solid. If I went from my 96 to my 05 I would probably be disapointed with the 05, BUT I had a Dodge for 5 years that was a big POS at 80K miles so I unloaded it and went back to GM. Compared to the Dodge and it's many issues, I can deal with the few design flaws of the NBS GM.
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