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Key won't turn in Silverado ignition.


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  • Key won't turn in Silverado ignition.

    I drive an '01 Silverado. My key worked fine until I parked my truck. I went back ten minutes later, and I could not get the key to turn. It won't turn at all, in either direction. The wheel is not locked. The truck is parked on a level surface. When I push the key in all the way, and then remove it, the auto door locks unlock like they should. I tried pushing it all the way in, pulling it out a little bit, and then turning, and that didn't help.

    What could cause this? Could it be something as simple as a stuck tumbler? My key ring is a little heavy, and from what I've read, that can cause this. Other than that, though, what are other possibilities?

    Also, what do I need to do to remedy this problem? Graphite lubrication? Replace the ignition? What would be an approximate cost on the repair?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Edited to add: I'm posting this in the Technichal forum also.
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    Re: Key won't turn in Silverado ignition.

    when this happens to me in my tracker I just keep turning the wheel till i'm able to turn the key.

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      Re: Key won't turn in Silverado ignition.

      Does the Security light flash at you or anything like that? Did anything unusual happen before this started? Just wondering if it can be part of the GM Passlock security system.

      - Russ

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        Re: Key won't turn in Silverado ignition.

        Make sure the shifter is all the way in park.Jiggle it a bit if you have to.


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          Re: Key won't turn in Silverado ignition.

          My (ex-)wife's Malibu did this a couple times. I was going to replace the ignition cylinder, then realized that if I just sprayed some WD-40 in the key hole, everything worked fine. Has been about 6-8 months now, and it is still working fine. I would guess it was a stuck tumbler and she also carried a lot of keys/junk on her ring.
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            Re: Key won't turn in Silverado ignition.

            Thanks for the help.

            It ended up being a stuck tumbler. I took off the steering column cover and sprayed some graphite lubricant in the keyhole, then I just tapped the cylinder with a screwdriver a few times to work the graphite into the tumblers. It took about 20 minutes and only cost $1.70 for graphite, instead of the $50/hr the locksmith would have charged.

            Thanks again.