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Setting Timing of 5.7Vortec in '98 K1500


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  • Setting Timing of 5.7Vortec in '98 K1500

    Hi to All!
    I need the help of you expert chevy truck guys, PLEASE. Can you PLEASE tell me how to set the timing on my 5.7 Vortec in my '98 K1500? The motor is from a '97 C1500/automatic. THANK YOU in advance! Have a good weekend!

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    Re: Setting Timing of 5.7Vortec in '98 K1500

    the distributor will only go in with a very small margin of adjustment, so set the engine to TDC NO. 1 and stab in the dizzy with the rotor towards no. 1. then run all the wires to the correct spark plugs, all the wires for the odd cylinders are on the drivers side of the dist. and visa versa. you can't actually set the timing to keep the CEL off but the ecm will adjust the timing to as close to perfect as it can and then you need a scan tool to set the CMP retard, so the light will go off... clear as mud?
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    thanks to 454ss


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      Re: Setting Timing of 5.7Vortec in '98 K1500

      I agree.

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        Re: Setting Timing of 5.7Vortec in '98 K1500

        Hey Ryan!
        THANKS for all the info! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!! Thanks, too, Pauly for your reply! Have a great weekend guys!!!