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Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil


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  • Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil

    anyone using shell rotella oil 15w40 (it's made for diesels) in their Chevy gas trucks?

    I understand shell rotella oil still has the higher zinc content (around 1400 ppm) as all oil used to have.

    I also understand oil companies have been taking the zinc levels down (800 ppm) so the cat converters will not put out higher levels of bad stuff. (who knows)

    Howerer, zinc is one item that cuts down on wear levels in the engine. So higher levels of zinc must be good for your engine.

    I live in KY so we do not have EPA testing stations, therefore its not a problem failing yearly epa exhaust test.

    I was just asking if anyone is running Shella Rotella Oil and have you had any problems with your factory cat conveters?


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    Re: Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil

    Since 1997 GM & most all MFR's have redesigned there engines and clearances have been tightened up and in the case of the LS engines require 5W30 oil to prevent bearing burn at startup. Zink isn't needed as much in newer engines because of roller cams and rockers.
    Using a diesel oil with 15W40 viscosity will shorten engine life and higher zink will shorten the O2 sensor life.
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      Re: Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil

      I've read about people using oils like Rotella that have a high zinc content when they break in new camshafts.

      Other than that, I'd just run Mobil 1 5w30 or whatever GM recommends.
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        Re: Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil

        Thanks Redvett,

        Old truck is a 1984, 350 engine, motor had a stuck valve got that cleared with Marvel Mystery Oil.

        Just thought I should try a better oil than valvoline 10w40 that I have been using for years.

        do not remember if old farm truck has cats, I know I have never taken them off, so am sure it still does,

        May run the Marvel Mystery Oil in crankcase for a few weeks then change oil, use valvoline and add 1 qt of Marvel Mystery Oil, hopefully to keep valve from sticking again.

        Thanks for the reply.


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          Re: Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil

          I switched from 10w-30 Valvoline to 10w-30 Rotella in my Camaro and Mustang because they are both flat tappet engines and need the zinc. I use 10w-30 in all of my engines and have had no oil related problems at all.


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            Re: Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil

            The diesel engine manufacturers have been mandated to do some kind of after treatment to the exhaust beginning in 2007, hence the reduction in zddp on their engine oils. Yes, most diesel oil is also rated for gasoline engines, read the specs, if it says something like SJ of something with an S in front of the spec, that means Spark ignited engines. Good luck.
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              Re: Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil

              No I dont use rotella in my gas trucks although I do use the 5W40
              in a high speed diesel with good success so far.
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                Re: Shell Rotella Oil 15w40 - Diesel oil

                We use Rotella 15w40 in our gas burners in our fleet trucks. Some of these trucks have well over 300k miles on them. No engine problems to date. This oil has been ran in these trucks since new. 5k mile oil changes on the gas burners, 10k miles oil changes on the diesels.
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