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Flat towing a K5


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  • Flat towing a K5

    So, I've done decided that I am going to be flat towing my 1973 Blazer from TX to WA (then taking a ferry to AK). I will be prepping it appropriately (taking the driveshafts off and getting towing lights, ect). My big question is tire size. My K5 has a pretty standard 6" lift with 35's. The tires on it probably won't make the trip, so I'm going to drop a few bucks on the smallest tires I can wrap around a 15" rim (175 I think). I'm doing this for two reasons. A) I want to get the bumper as close to the hitch height as possible, and B) I plan to add 4" of lift and go with a 38" tire and I need to store it in a standard garage. Those tire should drop the height down enough to put in the garage for winter. Anyway, Does anyone have any experience with this? I am sort of worried that there may be unintended consequences with such a small tire. I know I've seen people put extremely small tires on lifted trucks that are trailered, not many that are flat towed. Thanks!!

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    Re: Flat towing a K5

    I would just make sure the speed and weight ratings for the tires make since. Also, the tires should obviously be designed for the wheel width as well.
    RCX 6" NTD w/Zone 1.5 aal. 315s on 16x8 -12mm ProComp wheels and tires, 1.5" rear spacers, MIT tube, CBextreme, BBTune