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Thread: 1993 k1500 Engine Codes

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    1993 k1500 Engine Codes

    My truck is showing to have codes 22 and 43. It will sometimes shift bad, but I can turn it off, restart it and the shifting problems end for awhile. AutoZone told me it was the TPS sensor so I replaced it and am still having the same problems. Does anyone have any ideas on what needs to be replaced??

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    Re: 1993 k1500 Engine Codes

    Code 43 is the Electronic Spark control according to my Hanes manual.It says the probable cause would be:ESC sensor is not recieving a knock signal from the knock sensor.It says to check the knock sensor or the ESC module.
    The Hanes book explains how to do this.The book is a good investment.
    Disconect the Battery for a while to clear the codes.The 22 should go away if you replaced the tps.
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