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Thread: 2007 5.3L Horsepower?

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    Question 2007 5.3L Horsepower?

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    Anyone know how GM got 35 more horsepower out of the new 5.3L? (285 hp as on my 2002, vs. 320 hp)
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    Re: 2007 5.3L Horsepower?

    I can't answer you with 100% certainty, but I would imagine that it is just different tuning over the 2006 aluminum 5.3L that many of us (including myself) have which is rated at 310. Just a guess, but that is more than likely what it is. As far as the 5.3L that I have versus the other lower rated ones, I've read many differences. Some internals I believe are different, also a different cam, and higher compression, along with tuning I imagine.


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    Re: 2007 5.3L Horsepower?

    The 310 hp L33 5.3 got its 15 hp boost from the iron block 295 hp LM7, from ifferent heads, a small compression ratio bump, slight lift increase via the cam and tuning changes.

    In the new 5.3 I can see GM doing a little more of what they did for the L33 aluminum block L33.
    here is the new engine power lineup from GM.

    L92 6.2 VVT 380-400hp
    L76 6.0 VVT & DOD aluminum block 355 hp
    LY6 6.0 VVT iron block 350hp
    LY5 5.3 2wd DOD&E85 comp. 320 hp, 335 or 340 lb/ft depending on app.
    LC9 5.3 4wd DOD&E85 comp. all alum.310 hp 335 lb/ft
    LY2 4.8 iron block 290 hp

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