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Thread: 1987 Suburban w/ac heater core replacement help

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    1987 Suburban w/ac heater core replacement help

    I have a 1987 Suburban with a/c and I am having a heck of a time removing the air box inside the cab to replace the heater core. I have removed the 2 nuts off the studs sticking into the engine bay and the third one at the bottom where you have to remove the fender is gone I figure from the previous owner. I even dropped the inner fender and I also removed the one bolt inside the cab near the passenger side kick plate. Yet the darn box only moves a little bit and don't want to pull away fully from the firewall. Can anyone help me? it's getting colder every night and it's a cold drive to work in the morning.


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    Re: 1987 Suburban w/ac heater core replacement help

    I just did my '87 C10 this afternoon. There are three bolts in the engine compartment and one in the cab. Make sure the heater hoses are removed. Check the top of the air box at the back and make sure the computer is not in the way. I had to remove mine to get the proper clearance. Remove all of the ducting behind the glove box. With this all removed you should be able to pull the air box out and down enough to disconnect the control lines and vacuum lines.
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