What cam would be best for a 305 TBI in an 88 3/4 ton 4x4?

I have a cam now, but I'd like to know what everyone else is using or would use to compare to the one I have. Just to see if I should go with what I have or not.

By the way the motor is a 305 HO from an 80 - 84 Monte SS.

I have the 416 heads and World 305 S/R torker heads, Headers, Bored out TBI, 350 injectors, afpr, perf exhaust,high flow cat, heated 4 wire O2 conversion, Perf Ignition, Edlebrock performer intake with a 4bbl to tbi adapter plate and a Hughes towing/rv torque converter for my TH400.

I am looking for a powerful high torque cam.

What does everyone think? What's best?