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Thread: Replace oil filter adapter gasket & o-ring

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    Replace oil filter adapter gasket & o-ring

    How to: Replace your Oil cooler adapter gasket & o-rings

    If your Oil cooler adapter is leaking like the one above don't worry its simple fix.

    Here are the item needed to replace the gaskets:

    Felpro gasket set # ES72671
    De-greaser (optional)
    Scraper to remove old gasket
    1/2 inch socket and ratchet
    Pick (if removing oil cooler lines)
    Flat head screwdriver


    Step 1: Clean and degrease the adapter and surrounding area. (Not always necessary, but I like a clean engine)

    Step 2: Drain the oil and remove the oil filter and drain for a few mins.

    Step 3: (This is step optional, I wanted to clean the oil filter adapter and replace the o-rings on the oil cooler lines) Carefully remove the plastic keepers and slide them back, then use a pick to pull the c-clamp off and pull the line out of the adapter.

    Step 4: Remove the 2 (1/2 inch) bolts holding the oil filter adapter on and separate the adapter from the engine

    Step 5: Remove the o-ring and scrap away the old gasket


    Step 1: Replace the o-rings inside the oil cooler line fittings on the adapter

    Step 2: Install the large o-ring and gasket (a little petroleum jelly will help the gasket stay in place)

    Step 2: Install the adapter with 2 (1/2 inch) bolts

    Step 3: Install the lines into the adapter.

    Step 4: Install a NEW oil filter & engine oil

    Finished! I hope this guide helped you fix your leak!

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    Re: Replace oil filter adapter gasket & o-ring

    I had to do this a few months ago because the oil cooler line adapter you have circled in green broke when I tried to tighten it a little. It didn't take much force to do it. So as a warning be VERY careful tightening that adapter.

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    Re: Replace oil filter adapter gasket & o-ring

    i had the same problem and this is what fixed it. mine was dirtier and more greasy lol
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    Re: Replace oil filter adapter gasket & o-ring

    i have the adapter laying here to get rid of the whole piece but im not real sure what part number i need for the filter.anyone?


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