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Thread: 2000 Silverado Starts... then dies right away

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    2000 Silverado Starts... then dies right away

    I have searched the threads before, but I have some other specifics that might help a possible diagnosis. When starting up my truck it will fully start up and then immediately drop down to dying.

    As I continued to fool with it the electronics seem to gradually do odd things as I repeat the same steps of trying to start it... until the battery eventually dies completely.

    Any input? or another thread that would better help this.

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    Re: 2000 Silverado Starts... then dies right away

    i had an issue with this on my 99nbs......The trucks have a anti-theft system built in called the passlock system. basically when the key is inserted into the ignition, fuel is enabled and the truck starts. if this system is malfunctioning, fuel is cut off and the truck will die immediately. The message center should be flashing the security light when this is happening. is your security light flashing? if it is wait until it stops flashing , then restart. my truck did this one time a few years ago, but never did it again. I did some research and found that if the security light is on, there is a problem with this system. they give very lil information about it in the owners manual. when mine did it, it started up and immediately quit. it didn't reach idle or anything. It died and the security light flashed. I waited till it went out and i started it and bingo, it started. never had another issue. im not saying this is 100% your issue, but i just figured it was worth mentioning


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