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Thread: Power Window and Lock Wiring Harness

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    Power Window and Lock Wiring Harness

    well to stat off theres a bunch of yall that are very informative and since i got my 1989 gmc truck its been a great place to come to for info well now i am finaly ready to start on the power windows and locks when on previous inspection the wiring harness had been cut up not the important part that connects to it i cant find any wiring diagrams and find a intact harness is impossable no body shops will help me they tell me to go to the junkyard and it looks like im gonna have to rebuild it but theres some wires that are the same color noting could be easy i need a plug wiring diagram please help and thank you very much

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    Re: Power Window and Lock Wiring Harness

    I know from when I changed my door pins, if you mean the harness inside the door is fubar'd you can go to the junk yard and pull the whole harness right out of the door. See the harness unplugs right behind the kick panel in a hidden area.
    Basicall you open the door on the truck and pull the boot away from the cab pillar. Fish the wires out and there are two harness plugs in there. Unplug it then pull the boot off the wires. Push the wires into the door and pull it out the door when you drop the inner door panel off the truck. If you are lucky some one already pulled the door panel and glass out :).
    FYI, I can't find any diagram for anything older than 88 in my chiltons. I've been working on my door lock issue as well. I've got power to the plug and but it seem the switches are worn out. I need to look into more this weekend to be sure my actuators are good.
    Door locks
    Org/blk is power
    LTblu goes out to the passenger door
    Blk with Rd stripe also goes out to passenger door
    There are two blck wires that are for ground.
    I'll know more when I get into testing it this weekend.


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