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Thread: 4l60e to 700r4?

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    4l60e to 700r4?

    I have a simple question, Can it be done? Can I switch my 4l60e for a 700r4 and will my stock 97engine setup still work? Eventually I'm going to change to an aftermarket injection system, like the powerjection setup or a ramjet setup, but untill then does anyone know if my engine will run properly with out the electronics from the 4l60e there?
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    Re: 4l60e to 700r4?

    Okay there's a lot of variables in your question.

    1. WHY? Rebuild your 4l60e.

    2. If you must swap back in time to a 700r4, there's only 2 problems to the best of my knowledge:
    - Need the kickdown cable, and must attach it to the Throttle Linkage of the TBI system.
    - If you want to lockdown the torque converter, you must make a switch. There's aftermarket ways to do this via a pigtail wiring harness, or im sure you can build your own. Im not sure what would happen without the lockup.

    3. What are your plans anyways? I'd keep the stock wiring intact, build up a 4l60e or 4l80e and stuff it back in like there was originally.

    4. If your stupid enough to downgrade to a 700r4, just yard everything out if you want, i don't care. lol


    You have a Vortec 5.7? Your going to have to custom mount a linkage on the throttle body. Good luck with that.

    Furthermore, just or safety sake, your going to have to delete some parameters in the ecu. I have no clue how the Vortec 5.7's are reprogrammed. I dunno if EFI Live/HPTuners etc. even supports that engine platform or not.
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    Re: 4l60e to 700r4?

    1. The tv cable Will be needed
    2. The torque convertor lockup will need to be wired seperatly
    3. The tune will need to be modifed to show the trans as a manual trans
    4. The governor will most likely need modifying to get the correct shift points.

    Any other quesions I have the 93 with a 700 insted of the 4l60e
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