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Thread: 1995 2500 Silverado Heater Controls

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    1995 2500 Silverado Heater Controls

    Newbie here.
    I hope I have posted to the correct forum. If not please move to the right place.

    I have read several posts regarding the heater controls not working.
    The fan switch is working and I can change speed without a problem.
    However, the rest of the controls do not seem to function.
    No AC or Recirc light come when the buttons are pushed.
    Air is only coming out on the floor and will not change.
    Not sure about the temperature, have not warmed the engine up to check that.

    I have checked all the fuses and they are good. I have a good ground to the dash area. The control board "looks" ok, I did not see any burned components.

    Would it be safe to figure the control board has failed based on all these issues?

    This is the wife vehicle and she's not real happy I was unable to solve the problem.
    Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Re: 1995 2500 Silverado Heater Controls

    You probably have a blend door actuator issue. Look just to the right of the gas pedal on the air plenum there is a small actuator down there. You should see the white plastic gear that comes out of it move when you change the settings (defrost, floor, dash, etc.). There also should be 2 spring loaded arms that ride off of it. Make sure they are all moving. The most common issue is a cracked gear, but sometimes the actuators just burn up. If you have to remove it move the tab that is rides on back and forth by hand to make sure it isn't stuck. Take note of the position to make it easier to put the actuator back in.

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    Re: 1995 2500 Silverado Heater Controls

    The fan switch circuit is independent of the rest of the controls on 1995-up, so it can function fine while everything else is toast. It's my opinion your controls are probably bad.



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