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Thread: Rough Country 283s Lift installed on a 2005 Sierra Crew Cab.

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    Rough Country 283s Lift installed on a 2005 Sierra Crew Cab.

    Thought I'd throw together a quick post on my installation of a Rough Country 283S lift kit. I know its probalby not the first...but the more the merrier...

    My little brother bought a Rough Country 283S lift for his 99 Silverado last spring and I was tired of my Crew Cab GMC looking like a 2WD, so I chose to install the same lift on my truck over a 1.5" body lift. I had put a set of keys on my old 2000 Silverado and liked the looks...so I thought keys mixed with the 1" extra lift in the back was a good mix.

    The kit comes with keys, lift blocks, U bolts, and shocks for about 200 bucks. An extra few bucks if you want shock boots.

    So first thing I noticed when I opened the box. The shocks have no stickers on them and the Rough Country stickers are separate. Not surprising that Rough Country doesn't make the shock absorbers...but disappointing that they appeared to just be generic, who knows who really made them. I had to install the bushings in them myself. The keys and blocks look high quality though

    When I went to install the lift yesterday, I couldn't get the keys off of my old torsion bars(froze together). I wasn't sure how to separate them...so I worked with some PB blaster and a hammer for a half hour with no luck. I decided(since there was a good 1" of bolt sticking out of adjusters) to just crank the factory bars. My old truck I did this and only got maybe 1.25-1.5" of lift. This one, 2 1/4"...leveled the truck up with the factory rear blocks nicely so didn't even really need the keys.

    So I just chucked the rough country keys back in the box(may sell them as leveling keys later) and shrugged. I was amazed at how much it varies from truck to truck how much lift you can get with factory keys.

    So then I moved to the back and installed the shocks(still have the front shocks in the box as I didn't feel like messing with them). Rear blocks went in fine. I then layed the factory bilsteins beside the replacements. Same length shock...so my assumption is Rough Country is just shipping factory replacement shocks with the kit. My assumption is if I did the same thing with the fronts, the front shocks would be the same as well.

    Generally, after having the kit installed, I like the look of the truck more, but don't really think this kit is worth the money as I could have done the same thing with just lift blocks. I do think, if you need to buy keys/blocks, its a good value as keys and lift blocks togehter would easily cost you 200 bucks these days...and basically you're getting the shocks for free.

    My long term plans are to install 285 70 17 tires on the truck...but as the stock 265s have a lot of tread left, I am going to run them to bald. The kit doesn't look too bad with stock tires which is good.

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