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Thread: Rattling in the engine

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    Rattling in the engine

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    I have an 89 silverado 350....Whenever i first crank the truck up and the truck is in park the truck sounds perfect but as soon as i put the truck in gear there is a loud rattle in the engine...but as soon as i give the truck gas and the truck starts to warm up the rattling stops and the engine sounds perfect...it only rattles when you first put the truck in gear and sit at idle when its in gear...but as soon as you give it gas and the truck warms up you can sit at idle in gear all day long and the truck wont rattle...what could this be?

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    Re: Rattling in the engine

    is it like a heat sheild rattle sound?

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    Re: Rattling in the engine

    yea sounds like a heat shield, or a broken exhaust hanger or something rattling. Id start the truck cold and get under with it in park and at idle and listen around and find where exactly the rattle is comming from

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