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Thread: Pulling bumper back out

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    Pulling bumper back out

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    My wife got in a small fender bender last night. Trying to determine if I want to fix the truck or not. Most everything is hideable, except she smashed the front bumper. I am curious if I was to try to pull the bumper back out a little is there any chance I'd set off an air bag? I plan on trying to find a replacement, but I'd rather take the money it would cost fixing this and apply towards a newer one. ....or is this just a terrible idea?

    It's a 1999 Chevy Suburban k1500. For what it's worth, I'll be keeping the truck...


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    Re: Pulling bumper back out

    If you disconnect the battery the air bags wont go off, then you can work it without worries, that is what we do in the fire dept to keep the air bags from going off while getting a paitent out, or before it is towed so nobody gets hurt by them, except we dont just disconnect the battery we cut the cables

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    Re: Pulling bumper back out

    Or ya could take the bumper off if the brackets aren't too bent and try to straightening it.

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