What did you do to your Chevy today?


Chevy TruckFSC Member 14GDHPs4ME started a thread in 2010 asking other members what they had done to their trucks. Now with over 270 pages of posts, quite a few members have chimed in and still do on a daily basis. Below is what he posted:

I’m not sure if we have a post like this yet, but I thought it might be a good idea to get one going. I’m sure on our days off, we all wind up in the driveway messing with our trucks, because it is impossible NOT to do so.

Today, I decided to take the console/cover off my 4×4 shift lever and switch the indicator lightbulbs back to their rightful positions. Some imbecile (previous owner?) had them in the wrong spots, so that it had the “4×4″ and front drive train lit up all the time, and the back came on when I shifted into 4 high. It was driving me crazy, and now all is aesthetically proper again.

SO, what did you do to your Chevy today?

Check it out and see what others have done.


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