Factory GM cablight LED inserts

I have sets of Factory GM Cablight LED inserts for sale. These are part number #25791139 from 07-09 Topkick/Kodiak trucks with RPO UGD. They utilize the same light assembly as the GMT400 trucks, and thus are a direct replacement for the stock 194 bulb.

They are 3-diode, fully potted (waterproof), direct replacement bulb for OEM cablights. They are considerably BRIGHT compared to a 194 incandescent or drop in 194 LED bulb. They are a huge must for smoked cab lenses....

I have a set in my 98 Dually with smoked lenses: here is the driver's outer 2 with lenses off, farthest out with GM insert, next in was 5 SMD amber LED drop-in.

Here is a head on shot with the driver's outer 2 lights with the GM inserts and lenses back on. The difference is astonishing. Prior to this in daylight, my cab lights weren't even visible.


These inserts run ~ $27/EA at GM Parts Direct and similar places. http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/results.cfm?singlepart=1&partnumber=25791139

Selling these for $50 for a set of 5 shipped to the US, via USPS flat rate. PM your paypal address and contact info to purchase a set.


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Apr 26, 2012
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Re: Factory GM cablight LED inserts

Got any left? If so email me at rodneypowell01(at)yahoo.com when you get a chance. I don't get on the fourm as much as I like too because of messed up work hours.


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Mar 7, 2014
Re: Factory GM cablight LED inserts

Would these fit a NBS truck with the twist in sockets for the 194 bulbs? I have clear lenses but I'd like to have 5 individual lights instead of the aftermarket LED strip that goes across the center cluster light. If that makes sense.