Was I doing anything bad?

Jan 22, 2019
I was out and about today, and I had this little cheap point and shoot film camera. I had taken pictures of the local Walmart. Then I decided to take a picture of this cool looking McDonald’s. I was in my car getting ready to leave when this woman knocked on my window. She was yelling at me because she said I had taken a picture of her kids and that she wanted me to delete it because her kids were under protective custody. I didn’t know what she was talking about. She was making a big scene and threatened to call the police if I didn’t comply. I told her that it was a film camera, and I simply couldn’t delete the photo. She kept saying to give her the camera. I told her the best I could do would be to expose the film to sunlight to basically “delete” the photo. But she wouldn’t listen and basically whipped her phone out to call the police. I just ended up ripping the film out the camera just so I could get out of there. I was wondering if I was in the wrong or was she in the wrong?
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