CANT BELIEVE WE DID THIS! We cut up this perfect classic truck and turned it into this..

Had no idea my truck would look this crazy on the ground! Super excited on the progress we have made. Let me know in the comments what you think of the build so far and also some insight on anything more we can do to it! Have a blessed day

Chevy’s 450-hp eCrate prototype powers electric 1962 Electric C-10 hot rod

At the 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet unveiled its eCrate concept, an electrified crate kit that delivers 450 horsepower as a drop-in powertrain intended for hot rod conversions. For the show, the eCrate was fitted to a 1962 Electric Chevy C-10. With the conversion and new powertrain, Chevy is calling this truck the… Continue reading.

New 2022 Escalade EXT Pickup – Would You Buy One?

In today’s video we discuss the New 2022 Escalade EXT Pickup Truck, and ask the question….would you buy one?

FORGOTTEN Chevrolet 4×4 Square Body – will It RUN AND DRIVE 60 miles home?

Forgotten Square Body (what a struggle this one was!!) A guy needed a reliable, sturdy pickup for the property, so I bought this Chevy truck that’s been off the road for 12 years. v8, 4 speed sm465, and a np208 transfer case, what a beast! I’m going to attempt to get it running and drive… Continue reading.

New Full Size Chevy Blazer Droptop – Would You Buy One?

Chevy Blazer Should Have Been In today’s video we discuss the possibility of a new full size Chevy Blazer droptop, which begs the question….would you buy one?   FSC / Truck180 ’93 OBS Project We ran into a bit of a problem taking the bed and cab off our C1500 project truck. Our buddy with… Continue reading.

Illuminated LED GMC Sierra Emblem / Badge Install

  In this video I install a factory made illuminated GMC emblem. Front Illuminated GMC Emblem in Red Part No. : 84741557 Front Illuminated GMC Emblem in Black Part No. : 84942528  

454 Big Block Blazer Goes Hill Climbing In The Mud

  This is nothing but soup and this Blazer gave it a fight all the way to the top.

Taking a squatted truck to town. Why does everyone love it?

  WHAT?!?! Unbelievable. I’ve always been curious what it would actually be like to drive a squatted truck in public. Today I found out. #WHAT​ Up Next – 2020 Silverado HD factory and torture testing.

1993 Silverado OBS Project Truck Build – Reviews

1993 Silverado OBS Project Truck Build We had a little dilemma that gave us a little roadblock. We’re very young into our builds and Youtube itself so we don’t have a big fancy shop with lots of tools, etc. The one thing we needed help with was somebody with a lift. Well that didn’t work… Continue reading.

700HP C4 Corvette Equipped 1972 Pro-Touring C10

Dustin Reed @dpatrickreed has a nearly 50/50 weight distribution on his 1972 700hp C10. Technically it’s 52/48 currently but Dustin has plans to change that here shortly without bolting some led to the bed. Dustin is not active on social media so a lot of people may not know this truck even exists. Hell, I… Continue reading.