Trailer Hitch Vault Destructive Testing

We saw this trailer hitch vault on Amazon and thought we’d give it a try. The idea behind it is you can hide something that you don’t want to keep inside your truck while you might be at the beach, hiking, or wherever. We wanted to test it out and see how hard it would… Continue reading.

Shop Tip – How to Calibrate a Tape Measure

Everyday use of a tape measure can be off just enough to mess things up good. We show you how to make sure you keep getting the best results every time with this simple tweak.    

Chevrolet debuts tear-jerking all-American commercial for Christmas

The commercial, titled “Holiday Ride,” opens with a weathered-looking man in rural America trading a faded, old Christmas wreath for a freshly cut, more robust one. In an apparent attempt to get into the Christmas spirit, the man hangs the wreath on a set of barn doors. He pushes the doors open and enters to… Continue reading.

New GMC Vandura G20 – Would You Buy One?

  In today’s video we discuss a new GMC Vandura or G20 in the Chevy world, and of course ask the question….would you buy one?    

New 2023 Silverado Duramax and Sierra HD – Big Power Upgrade!

  In today’s video we discuss a new 2023 Sierra HD and 2023 Silverado HD’s new Duramax Diesel power upgrade! Is General Motors about to take the big power crown? Let’s find out!

It’s Finally Here: I Go Hands-On With The First-Ever Chevy Silverado ZR2!

Chevy Silverado ZR2 Off-road trucks are red hot right now, and Chevy is jumping back into the fray with a beefier truck than the Trail Boss — meet the new Silverado ZR2! The ZR2 adds to the Silverado’s eight other models that range from three work-focused pickups to the top-end High Country that can surpass… Continue reading.

Mom Asks Walmart for Oil Change, Gets Car Blown Up Instead

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 👑 Ka’Lina Bettis 💜 (@kalina.luella) Two minutes after she got out — the car detonated.   An Arizona woman who went to Walmart for an oil change claims she ended up with a blown up car instead. Nikki Smith says she narrowly escaped with… Continue reading.

Monstermax 1’s New Replacement

  We bought Cleetus McFarlands old mud truck to replace monstermax one. But we found a few weak links pretty quick 😀😂 The good thing is there’s always a replacement monster truck.

Challenger Hellcat Flips Silverado Leaving Cars and Coffee

  Amateur footage captured and posted on YouTube shows a Dodge Challenger Hellcat ruin the fun by attempting to show off in front of the crowds, and then slams into a passing Chevrolet Silverado and proceeding to flip the pickup truck.