Trailer Hitch Vault Meets Hammer!

We did a review on this trailer hitch vault to see if it was useful at all but what we really wanted to do was try and break it. And we did!

GM To Launch All-Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks In 2035 Instead Of 2040

General Motors announced, as part of its program for the 2022 CES technology show, that its heavy–duty trucks will gain electric variants by 2035. Every light-duty vehicle from GM will be electric by 2035, with the automaker pledging last fall to end gas vehicle sales by 2040 globally. This would leave five years in which GM could… Continue reading.

Trailer Hitch Vault Destructive Testing

We saw this trailer hitch vault on Amazon and thought we’d give it a try. The idea behind it is you can hide something that you don’t want to keep inside your truck while you might be at the beach, hiking, or wherever. We wanted to test it out and see how hard it would… Continue reading.

Shop Tip – How to Calibrate a Tape Measure

Everyday use of a tape measure can be off just enough to mess things up good. We show you how to make sure you keep getting the best results every time with this simple tweak.    

Chevrolet debuts tear-jerking all-American commercial for Christmas

The commercial, titled “Holiday Ride,” opens with a weathered-looking man in rural America trading a faded, old Christmas wreath for a freshly cut, more robust one. In an apparent attempt to get into the Christmas spirit, the man hangs the wreath on a set of barn doors. He pushes the doors open and enters to… Continue reading.

1937 Film Perfectly Explains How a Car Differential Works

1937 Film Perfectly Explains How a Car Differential Works The regular open differential has been said to be the most brilliant piece of engineering ever because it allows you to take the tightest turns without tearing your drivetrain apart and fighting your tires. This instructional film from 1937 simplifies the differential down to the basics… Continue reading.

REVEAL DATE for the ALL NEW 2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV! (Electric Truck)

  Although it shares its electric powertrain with the brash GMC Hummer EV, the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV should resemble a more classic take on an electric pickup truck. A large battery pack is said to provide up to 400 miles of range per charge. Like the Hummer models, the Silverado EV should be available with up to… Continue reading.

New GMC Vandura G20 – Would You Buy One?

  In today’s video we discuss a new GMC Vandura or G20 in the Chevy world, and of course ask the question….would you buy one?    

New 2023 Silverado Duramax and Sierra HD – Big Power Upgrade!

  In today’s video we discuss a new 2023 Sierra HD and 2023 Silverado HD’s new Duramax Diesel power upgrade! Is General Motors about to take the big power crown? Let’s find out!