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  • Hi i have seen your l31 engine and i have a few questions i got one l31 from a 99 burban 2500 with a 4L60e so i want to swap it into my 55 bel-air but i need to make all the wiring from the pcm to the engine sensors and i want to know if you have some diagramas to do this or if you could sold me something like this ok thx and waiting for answers.
    Pd. i want to keep my 4l60e c ya and thx.
    Hey man, I've seen your posts on FullThrottleV6 about using the March Pulleys on your 4.3, I believe it said 2004. I have an '05 and can't seem to find anything that says it's directly compatible... I started a thread in the Performance forum but have had little response. Will the March pulleys that say they will fit through 2003 fit a 2005?

    Thanks for your help bro.
    thanks alot for that opinion it helps out alot here are the cams i am looking at. all pretty good power ranges for a truck if you look them up, and tell me what ya thank, im thinking of going with the vortec heads i liked what you did with them on your 357ci badass motor, are you putting any of these new breed motors in there place?

    xtreme marine-
    Xtreme Marine™, XM256H
    Good for Inboard/Outboard Pleasure Boat

    high energy marine-
    High Energy/Marine™, 260H
    Mid-Range Torque, Good idle, 350 c.i.

    Nostalgia Plus™, N+300HP
    GM 300 HP Camshaft, Improved Power & Response
    thanks for the add i recently put up a post in project about me having a 2500 rc/lb i was curious as to how hard it would be to swap the body to a xc/sb?? could you help me on this, also i wanna lift it with fabtech 4.5 and put 33's on it would this be a problem with switching body styles, if i were to buy it before the switch?
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