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    Paint job PS request, please.

    Hey guys, would anyone with PS skills please change the paint of my truck to the satin black like the bed? Thanks, I'm willing to paypal you for a quality photoshop for your time. Thanks! -Mykk
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    Project: Wrong Bed

    Hey Guys, I figured I'd make a project thread about mounting an '84 Stepside bed to the frame of my reg cab '04. This is an experiment, I had no idea what and how things would line up or if things would be proportionate. It started with a quick photoshop done by my girlfriend at my request...
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    Mykk's Silverado, build vid

    Hey guys, a friend of mine in Az requested I upload a build vid/snapshot compilation of the various stages of the build of my Silverado. So here it is, and the truck is still torn down and is a work in progress, although on the back burner until steady cash flow comes in and I can find the time...
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    Mykk's next project:67-70 c10 SWB

    Hey Guys, pending the sale of my 2004 Silverado, I've got plans for building a little 67-70 c10 fleetside shortbed that will be my pre-smog driver for southern cali. Something I can daily drive, cruise, have some fun and haul my music equipment. I'm making this thread so I can put ideas I...
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    Selling the Silverado
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    Selling my Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling 4-string bass

    Hey Guys, Selling one of my basses Cheers ~Mykk
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    Vortec 350co 062 cylinder heads (Moved)

    Selling the Vortec heads: Starting bid $150+$70 shipped. Cheers ~Mykk
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    New Grill: Big Mouth chrome

    My modified OE grill with the Street Scene 'Speed' grill cut outs was getting pretty beat up. I decided to replace it with a big 'open' mouth kind of grill. So far I dig it, I might find a cool little emblem or something to mount in the lower left corner. before: after: I painted the...
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    Ram-Air project

    Hey guys, I've finally gotten around to making the air cleaner set up for my carbed SBC in my '04 Silvy. With the carb being so close to the firewall I was having problems getting any kind of respectable air cleaner on the carb, and had been just running it open. Using pieces readily...
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    For Sale: Cam, Carb, Springs, Timing Cover, Lowering Shackles, K&N

    Help a guy pay rent... For Sale: Chevy 4.3L timing cover: $30.00 DJM 2" lowering shackles (silverado HD): $85.00 LT4 Hotcam: $70.00 K&N drop in filter, brand new: $35.00 SBC Valve springs & retainers, new...
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    DJM lowering shackles 01-06 HD Item: DJM 2" lowering shackles for 2001-2006 GM/Chevy 1500HD/2500HD/3500HD Condition: Used, purchased new and never installed. This 2" shackle kit is the ideal way to remove some of the rake angle in the suspension...
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    Powertrax Lock Right; GM 10 bolt 8.5" 30 spline
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    Powertrax Lock Right; GM 10 bolt 8.5" 30 spline
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    L31 fuel injection, Performance parts, 0411 PCM

    For Sale: 1996-2002 Vortec 350ci Fuel Injection and Performance Parts. Condition: Used, less than 1000 miles on F.I. components Lower Intake manifold: Dorman part # 615-300 purchased new Upper plenum: GM O.E. , bored to match throttle body Fuel Injectors: Upgraded MPFI fuel spider w/ FPR...
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    Snow Day

    The snow rarely sticks on the ground in my town, so I wanted to have some fun. The drive home was pretty bad, it looked alot like this vid too Cheers ~Mykk