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    Nbs interior parts

    I have a few parts that i yanked from a 2000 silverado that we just scrapped. All parts should fit 99-02 trucks but some may fit later nbs trucks. I only have the parts that are pictured everything else is gone. All prices are plus shipping. The more parts you buy the better deal i can do...
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    Trailblazer Envoy Subthump single 12" sub box $50

    I have a subthump box that i had in my Trailblazer SS a few years back. I paid somewhere around $140-$150 with shipping then. I'm wanting $50 for it plus shipping. I sold the TBSS a couple years ago and have no use for this. I dont have any actual pics at the moment but i can put some up if...
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    Feeler: 20" OEM Silverado SS wheels and tires $1250

    I have a set of 20" OEM SS wheels im thinking about selling. Im looking at getting a little larger wheel. One of them has a little ding on the lip of the rim. A friend of mine said it cost $100 to fix so thats on the agenda if i dont sell em. The other 3 are perfect with no curb rash what so...
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    My 2004 Silvy Stepside DD

    Well i got rid of the dodge last week and bought a 2004 Chevy reg cab stepside. This truck is so much nicer than the dodge i got rid of. It only has 41xxx mi! This thing is cherry. There is hardly a rock chip let alone a scratch on the damn thing. Like any other vehicle i buy always...
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    88-98 core support body mount top plate

    I guess thats what you call it at But anyways i need just the metal part that slips inside the core support bushing. Whoever had the core support off my truck last did some pretty creative stuff and long story short i had to cut through the bushing and bolt....Also if you have the...
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    WTB or WTT Overhead console blank piece..for AC delete...88-98

    I just picked up an overhead console out of a yukon and it has the rear ac control....I m looking for just the black piece. Id be willing to trade straight up as my truck is a standard cab and i have no need for rear AC lol...Or if you have one just to sell...let me know thanks
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    88-98 interior parts...tons of stuff!!

    Consider all items SOLD for now. Most items have either been sold, kept for my build or thrown away. I will update this thread after my truck is back together and i know what i'll have leftover. Thanks! Got a bunch of OBS interior stuff...most is from a 90 WT but have some other stuff...
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    Sig request

    Just wondering if someone could make me a sig with either one of these pics or both maybe?? Just so i have a cool sig while its under construction. Im open to whatever you want to do...thanks
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    Factory 88-98 chrome mirrors

    i have a set of factory mirrors that came on my new cab, that i dont need $10 + shipping
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    88-98 4 link dif bracket and Over axle bag mounts

    10 bolt diff bracket for 88-98 FSC.. this was originally part of FBIs bolt on 50/50 4 link kit...meaning the top bars faced rearward. This design works...but not well. I was going to cut the tabs off and turn them around for a forward facing triangulated 4 link but decide to go another route...
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    95-99 blue console and 88-94 grey dash cupholder

    made a new interior for sale thread...mods please delete
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    95-99 console cupholder...

    i have a 95-99 console cupholder for sale...actually i bought this one and bought another one a day later... this one has had a couple tabs broken off and is glued back together...looks pretty strurdy tho...ill let it go for what i paid ...which is 17 shipped...and ill just eat the money for the...
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    1990 SB Bag and Build thread

    First of all if it wasnt for this site i wouldnt have had the guts to tackle this on my own...So thank you all for that. The truck is a 1990 Chevy Cheyenne work truck. I bought this truck about 5 years ago from a family member that lived in the country and it just wasnt what he needed. It...