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  • hey whats up man i was lookinf for u at slamoology after i saw ur truck at fatzolis... heres my number again 317 828 8465
    Right on man looks good. Clean as ****. You gotta love the rust free **** in Texas. It's hard to find a truck like mine in the condition I found mine in in Indiana. I only had to replace a cab corner.
    i will start taking it apart this weekend. getting rid of the panhard bar and fixing some stuff in the rear. going to clean up the front setup. it will lay 22s but going to weld it up and make everything nice and pretty then paint everything with eastwoods chassis black paint and detail the frame. pulling the motor and trans and painting that also. ill be ordering the 22 inch boss wheels next month. but here is the project link that i will post everything in. http://www.fullsizechevy.com/showthread.php?405513-project-ol-red-89-single-stepside
    Thanks man, didn't even know it existed till I decided to bag a fullsize. Now I'm on here every day. Where at in Elkhart are you at? I used to live there for a year and delivered pizza there as a second job. I know what you mean by no local guys though, everyone else is states away.
    hey man, never noticed you on the forums here before. welcome to FSC (a few months late). i'm in Elkhart, good to see some more local guys on here.
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