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  • hey i was just wondering if you can you can send me the how to tech on tbi cold air cam not see pictures on the post. thank you
    Hey man im interested in the tail light mod that you wrote the thread on only problem is that none of the pictures work didnt know if you could maybe email the pictures i think it sounds like an awesome mod and adding the 194s sounds sick thanks! Its
    I'm trying to figure out how to do the same bumper headlight mod you did back in '04. Getting nowhere.... Just frustrated. I finally found your thread about it but the pics no longer work on it. Is there anyway you could help me out with this?
    Hey, my dad and I just swapped a 5 speed into our 89 silverado that had a 700r4 in it. The truck drives and shifts find and the transfer case engages flawlessly, however, the front axle actuator does not engage and the 4x4 indicator light on the floor doesn't light up anymore. fuses are fine. The front axle actuator has 3 wires going to it, blue brown and purple. The blue and purple wires run up to the frame and infront of the firewall with the old 700r4 harness. The brown wire actually seperates from the harness at the actuator, is wrapped in a heat shield and runs back to the trans where it isn't connected to anything (broken wire) We don't know where this wire goes. Do you have any idea where this wire goes to? It worked fine before the swap.

    I have a stock 2000 classic bodystyle 5speed 4x4 and the 3 wires that come from the actuator stay together all the way up to the firewall.

    Thanks again. Great write up, too bad i just found it today lol.
    Just as DennisTA15 said I also saw the truck in Peterson's 4wheel the other day. I thought that was pretty cool, congrats!
    Hey, I saw your truck in Peterson's 4wheel and offroad today, in the top 40 readers rides. Congrats man, it looks good.
    hey wanted to say thanks for the cab clearance light write up, just did mine yesterday and , agreed drilling those holes is unnerving but your write up was a huge help. Really like the idea of using the diesel bumper to mount the lights, do you know what year they started with the air holes? were they turbo specific on the 6.5? Anyway thank you so much again, next on my major list after my paint is done will be an SAS but that's a few winters out. Thanks for any help... Brian
    Got a question for ya. what had to be done to install the overhead console in your 88 with s-10 DIC in it? have the console in my truck and just swipped a dic out of a junked s-10 blazer. also got the temp senser for it. basicly need wiring info, what goes were and such. thanks
    hey, where'd you get your clear TYC signal lights for the HT? they look good & the ones i bought ended up not fitting right & the DRL socket tabs were 90* off so the socket didn't seal right when you turned it all the way to lock it in. needless to say, i sent them back & am looking for another set.

    also, have yours started yellering out at all?
    The rear hangers for the front springs. What are those from, the front of a 77GMC or the Rear. Did you also use the shackles? Im just asking because Im in the process of a similar build and found some 77 chevy truck at a jyard. Its 4wd and has all the springs still under it.
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