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  • Hey thanks for the help with the tunefile thing!! Im wondering what you need to veiw these tunes?? Hp/efilive or other? Thanks again.
    Hi I dont mean to bother you and I hope its ok if I ask but I saw in a thread saying you get around 23mpg out of your truck. Can you please share any thoughts or ideas you have for better mpg! I have a 93 z71 ext cab with a 5 speed not even an auto and I get a solid 12.. Its lifted 2 inches 285 75r on american racing rims open differential true duals with stock manifolds and cherry bombs with a drop in k&n and a recent tuneup new plugs caps distributor water pump ect. Any thoughts would be so much appreciated! I know my odometer is off some but after recalculating im still only getting about 13 mixed!
    hey man, i was told to find you since your running my motor im having trouble with getting switched over to tbi. the 350 H.O. for now... i was wondering what base timing your running it at?
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