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  • It's cool man. Pretty hard to tell who are dicks on this site and who aren't. Glad to know there's a few out there that aren't.
    i've honestly owned way more reliable gassers than i have diesels. but, then again, i've owned more gassers than diesels. i've worked on diesels a lot, but only owned a few. there's a lot of things i like better about gassers than diesels...like their sound...the fact that you don't have to wait for turbo lag (if it's N/A)...how you can rev them higher than a diesel...and other things. hell, i'm a gearhead...i like it all. sorry i came off like a dick...i should have been more tactful. you are a real smart guy, and you have a bright future ahead...just keep going like you're going. also, I LOVE OLDER JEEPS...its so cool that you have a Scrambler...i've always loved those...so anyway, no hard feelings man...sorry i came across like i did...
    well, i can understand not being a diesel fan with those examples to base it on...your dad is having quite the time with his trucks...sorry to hear that. i, too, have had a diesel that was a total piece of crap...i had a '96 F350 4x4 that could practically drive itself to the parts house. people use to say (on another website) that "those trucks were indestructible"...i laughed and said "really? mine self-destructs when i simply turn the key". sold that one for a loss. but i've been around a lot of other diesels that were great. don't misunderstand me, i really do love gas engines too. i don't mean to convey that gassers are junk...i really don't mean that.
    There's only one way to get hp and torque numbers, that's to dyno. So what's the point of saying they're dyno numbers? I figured it's implied. And you're right, I haven't operated a dyno much, about 3 times and I've helped operate one about a dozen times. I did it at NADC. And before you jump on the bandwagon with everyone else, I'm the first to say it's not a great school. It's good for someone that absolutely has no clue what so ever. Honestly, if my high school shop class had more money for tools it would've been better. The best part of NADC was hi-pi but now they're focused around LS engines and a 4th gen Camaro so I'm glad I got to it before all of that.
    are you retarded? i get along with most everyone on this site. yes, i'm not afraid to get in a debate with someone (you seem to like picking fights too, BTW. you seem to think you know it all. i've actually been there and done that, bud) but i don't go to intentionally pick a fight because i want to "piss" on someone. you're just angry that i won't give in to you...i won't because that'd be totally erroneous. i'm not wrong. like i said, i was a diesel mechanic for 7 years in the Army and for over 4 years in the civilian sector. i know engines. gas AND diesel. are you upset that i called you out on your signature? if those were dyno numbers, then you should have posted that it had been dyno'd. as for "how to dyno a truck"...i'm willing to bet i've RAN more dynos than you've ever been on. i worked at a Freightliner dealer for about 3 years...i dyno'd semi trucks DAILY. i've also had quite a few trucks (and cars) dyno'd.
    hate to say it but all of your posts to me have come off as rude. But that's with alot of people. I don't really hate you. I'd have to know you to hate you. I'll just let it go. I don't really think you were being serious. I'm sure we can resolve this like men. I'm sorry that I said those rude things. I was heated from the posters on here who seem to have no shreAd of respect for me just because of my age.
    RE : Ultimate ; Dunno why, it's a pretty crude and ugly outline of some of the work that can be done.
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