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  • I cleaned it out some more sorry man, either pm me or you can do a visitors messag on my profile
    Yea there's a pic on fb without the bed, I have a few things to do while the beds off I plan on putting the bed on this weekend
    Thanks for the compliments dude. I did a 4/6 Belltech drop on the truck when I first got it 2 years ago. Cowl hood, painted grill and front bumper. 20" Irocs. It still only has 85k original miles. Trust me man, if I could find a 4x4 likes yours to DD I'd be all over it.

    All in all, I think the calendar photo that was used came out pretty awesome.
    dude im sorry i just got on and saw that, ihave been at school and workin so i havent got on in a few days, im sorry i wasnt able to make it out, i would have been there for sure!!! are you goin to the gateway car show saturday?? i will be there with the truck in the show!!! let me kno if ya come out
    alright man. well the next two weeks im gonna be building my blaster back up...so i have the money till like three weeks...is that fine?
    I definitely like the sound of the $20 deal better. Do you have a video or sound bite of the blazer?
    Right now, I'm wondering how much of a difference it will even make. I have JBA headers and then true duels, but I also still have the cats inline. I feel like I should probably get those tuned out and remove them first.
    I heard around the block that you had an SLP Loudmouth on the blazer? Was wanting to know your opinion on it. I have straight pipes now with cats and I am debating whether or not to pick up a 2000ish camaro loudmouth and put it on my truck. I also have headers if you think that will matter.
    Don't we all!! Good luck with it man, it sounds like a bunch of fun. Haulin' ass has always been one of my favorite hobbies.
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