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  • Zane,
    I put that Grill in there about 7 years ago and I can't remember what Brand it was. I bought it from a local truck shop here in town (Boise Idaho).

    I will try to find out if I can and I will post a message here if I do.
    Thanks man. I really like yours as well. No (that would look cool though) but its those dumb stainless steel rocker panels. They'll most likely come off this summer, they're really pitted and build surface rust real quick
    i would get a different tire I have seen nitto with 20000 miles bald unless you gettin them cheap pro comp has good deals on tires
    whats goin on man? and i have pictures up on photobucket but there old n ive got a few new pictures im gonna put on soon specially when i start up workin on it again. truck aint nothin special bout it n sorry man i cant find the link to it and i cant log in so try typing in lukn4trbl355, theres a lot of random **** on there but w.e man
    My stock cats were causing the SES to come on, I felt a difference but it wasn't as much as I was hoping for, but still a difference. I paid $161 but Advance Auto Parts had a computer glitch or was just trying to get rid of them so I paid $191 shipped. Stock Vortec 350 cats flow pretty good.
    hey man i have no idea where they came from originally. i bought them from a friend because he totaled his truck and then i took them to my cousin who works at a body shop and he painted them for me. haha thanks a lot man. trust me i wished my truck was black since the day i got it. i had a vision in the back of my head and started saving up money and just pieced it together. ive put so much time, money, effort, and sweat into this truck so whenever somebody gives me a compliment it means a lot. but is that your truck in your avatar? thing looks mean dude. 37's?
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