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  • its been done about a year now, just got my front shaft done a couple weeks ago.now i'm having issues with the tires, i'm fighting with discount tires about getting them replaced.
    atleast 2 are out of round.
    i've been putting in some hours myself, i usually leave before sunrise,and not home until its dark out. just let me know and will figure out what to do.
    Let me know if you have a sunday and monday off sometime in the near future... I want to come out to NV one of these days!
    I was reading your post on the oil cooler lines you used. I want to do the exact same setup as you, can you send me a link for all that i need? and explain a little more on how you did it.. your original post was clear but i just want to make sure i have all the parts i need and do it correctly. thanks
    That's sick dude, pest control is a great job. My buddy owns his own company. I hate bugs so I'd prolly scream like a red headed step child.:LOL:
    Sweet man thats badass! I want my own place :teddy: Hell now since Im single again I'll come out there some time! yea they're running out on alot of people. Just reply on my page That way I know you responded LOL. So what what kind of work you doing know?
    not much, just been busy with a new job and in the procees of buying our first house.
    i just noticed i need to renew my supporting membership.
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