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  • hi!! Sorry, We didn't see you... think I was still asleep lol Sorry! Hope to catch you next time :D
    Yes! It was yesterday and it's always a huge turnout! We didn't go, but will probably go next month.

    I'm prolly gonna go to this show on Aug 20th http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=133912936693354&set=a.133912933360021.35115.119781588106489&type=1&theater Looks like it should be fun! And then on Aug 27, my club, Wayne County Cruisers is doing the Winterville Watermelon Fest 1st annual car show. You can see the details here: www.Waynecountycruisers.com

    If you want to follow us to either of these shows, let me know and we'll meet up somewhere :)
    do you know anything about the little car show over here on 401 in garner at grill 57? they usually have a show bout once a month
    Oh! It was very easy to get too! Right off of 40 :) I didn't understand what you meant. you could have followed us. It was a nice show - free to enter, free food, free drinks, free chair massage :D Thanks for the tip and wish you could have made it out :(
    performance chevy. im not familiar with chapel hill. i can get around garner and raleigh but outside of there i dont know to much of where anythings at
    Thanks... I think we might stop by the show. It's nice that it starts a bit later. :D Who else is going?

    Good to hear from you. I think that Jason has that set up on his truck. 1badgmc. The 18 & 19 sized tires are going to be pricey. That is why I went to the 20s there are a lot more options on tires with 20s. The load rating is low on 18 & 19 as well if that is a concern for you. I am running a 295 tire in the rear which is pretty good size and and fills the gaps well.
    Grille 57 is the 3rd Sat of the month.... so mark your calendar :) We're going to head to Burlington for a cruise in at the JR discount place on 40 if you want to follow us out. It's about a 1 hour ride from this side of town and starts at 5pm, so we may leave at 4pm.
    You're welcome and I didn't know about the car show.... if I can get my wheels mounted and balanced, we might stop by. We're supposed to go to an auction on 70 in Durham. Can you give me more info on the show? Thanks! :)
    thanks i really appreciate it. i live in garner, and cant really find anything to much here. i liked lake benson tho it was pretty cool.

    you goin to the car show at perforance chevy in chapel hill sat?
    Hey - There's a station up in Wake Forest off of Capital Blvd, but I don't know exactly where. One Lake Wheeler Rd in Raleigh, south of 440, there's a neat little building that used to sell sewing machines. It's right on Lake Wheeler and may have just enough room to put the truck in front of it. How about a tobacco barn?! There are loads of those around! There's another neat little building up in Apex on Green Level Church Rd and Green Level Rd. :)
    Hope that helps! Let me know when you come out this way :)
    do you know of any old looking or old in age gas stations around town? im kinda wanting to clean the truck and go take some pics.

    im not really wanting run down but just that older looking stations if that makes sence


    Sorry I took so long to reply. Been super busy at work and at home. Haven't even had time to work on the 90.

    Truthfully, I would think Matty would be better suited to answer your questions. I only have 15" wheels on both of my trucks, so my experience is limited.

    Again, sorry I took so long to reply.


    I pulled the info from when I bought my wheels. I have 8.5" x 20" up front and 10" x 20" in the rear. First set of tires were 255/35/20 and 275/35/20. These tires looked good but did not have enough sidewalls. I ended up bending one wheel on a pot hole. At that point I switched to Toyo Proxies 255/45/20 and 295/40/20 and I am much happier with the sidewall now.

    I am not sure as to the back-set. If you'd like I could measure it. I think that the fronts are 5.5"

    I currently have the truck lowered 4-6 but had it on bags a few years ago too.
    HI Darlin! Hope you're well. :) Can you tell me more about your 20's?! Seems I just am having no luck finding a whole wheel and tire package for the truck. I might have to go to the dark side and roll 20's lol What drop is on your truck? Do you have 20x10 up front too? I so appreciate your help :D
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