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  • Sorry Bro had to say something. AuburnTruck93 i can't figure out if You are an Auburn fan or not because your truck looks like a bammer. Oh yeah WDE
    The logon on the front page is immediately covered by add as soon as the forum loads up. It took me quite a while to get to a login screen with the text boxes in the middle instead of at the top (covered)
    HI I was looking for the Rules/Regulations on Posting For Sale .. All I See is 50 post .. Sorry was just wondering as im trying to sell my Truck..

    Would I be able to provide my paypal/ebay id wich have over 850 feedback Plus Certified and Verified in order to post???

    Thanks for your time
    God Bless
    Hey i have an important question that i need and immediate answere. I clicked on your name cause it was purple and everyone else is yellow or white, figured you knew alot? ha.

    My question is this, how to you remove the u joint on a 1980 chevy c10 2wd?? we got the snap ring off but got stuck with getting the bearing cap off and dont know which one to take off first or what!?? What is the procedure for this? We know its an outer snap ring type U joint. Thanks.
    Hi, I had 2 posts in the for sale section, one was for a grey center console with a cupholder, and the other was for a seperate cupholder. Someone deleted the one for the console...Any clue as to why?


    That really made me LOL And nearly put me in a better mood... but no matter how hard you try. you will always be FSC cum guzzling gutter slut! But we do appercate all the "hard" work you do!
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