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  • Do you still have that D60?? I know that was almost a year ago, but that post has no replies and you never edited it to say it's gone... just seeing if you still want to sell it. You can get brand new BFG 35x12.5x16.5 for < $250 to your door, fyi.

    WTT-GM Dana 60 DRW 35-38" tires
    It's an 84 1/2t, started off 350, 700r4/208, 10 bolts front and rear. Swapped the axles/lift for 6" BDS fronts, and 4" TC's with an ORD 2" shacle flip. Moved the front hangers forward bout 2", 7" long shackles. Front is a Dana 44 heavy duty, has custom external lockouts on it. 4.10 open, nothing fancy.

    Rear is a 14ff, nothing fancy either. Both axles were cleaned and painted with POR then gloss black.

    Swapped in a 454, rebuilt but stock AFAIK. Headers off a Chevelle. Nice alum valve covers and timing cover. Tall deck oil pan for some more oil capacity.

    Swapped the auto for a 4-speed, t-case is from an 86 1 ton, 205 round pattern. The late model cases don't have the sleeve between the tranny output shaft and t-case input shaft. After time the splines wear out and sometimes can break.

    Got 3 different set of 35s for it. 35x16 boggers on 12" barts, 35" bald Toyo's on 17 H2 rims, and a set of 315/75/16 Mud Brutes on 10" black rock crawler wheels.
    Hey, did you ever sell your extra 3500HD handles, or still got 'em? I really need a passenger side but depending on condition/price would take both.

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