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  • hi u got a sweet rig! i have a 97 just like it stock i got rims tires exhaust and chipped.. but i wanna put a sas on it but dont wanna have leafs. i want 8-10'' of lift. i wanna be able to hit a jump if i wanna and fix, but its my daily driver and want it to look sick. so if u could help me out that would be awesome! thanx.
    In all the charts about Dana 60 axles I don't see any information for a F350 1999 model. The numbers are not matching that I see on the diff. Any ideas what axles I really have or where to look to find out.
    If I am reading you correctly ( you are very impressive) the set of axles I just bought from a 99 Ford F350 will work for my first step in my SAS for my 94 Full Size Blazer
    Can you explain that further or a place I should read? I know how to get to this bolt, but where do I measure to from it?
    Hey Kyle,

    I'm trying to figure out CoGX, Y, and Z. Is X just half the wheel base? Is Y half the track width? Is Z half the height of the tire?

    Hey I'm new to this site but I just wanted to know what bumper you have on your green pickup. Because I need one for my 1993 stepside z71
    Could you tell me where you got that black top you used to have on your green chevy? It looks awesome. How did it hold up? Hope you don't mind the questions.

    Thanks man.
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