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  • Thanks.....

    I'm running 235/70/15 on the front and 255/70/15 on the rear.
    Some of those pics are from last year and there's a few in there that were snapped earlier this year. I"ve since removed my painted grille and installed the chrome GM stock grille and I'll also be removing the smoothie front bumper & rear roll pan and then installing the chrome stock bumpers back on the truck later this Spring or early Summer. I had the truck repainted last year and have had 2 different idiots back into it or run into it since and decided to go back with the chrome bumpers.
    Yeah, I got the issue fixed. My A/C man just rewired it without a connector. Thanks though!
    Hey man.. Hows everything goin with you? Hope all is good. If you have any parts your trying to get rid of let me know.
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