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    OBS 3 inch lift kit

    Looking for a completely lightly used or new 3 inch lift kit for a 1990 K 1500. If someone has a link to a good deal on one new somewhere id appreciate that as well. Thanks
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    Door wiring diagram for OOBS?

    Chilton manual had nothing in it regarding the wiring diagrams for the doors. I have the doors from an oobs suburban im guessing because it has 4 window switches. If anyone can help me to begin figuring out what works on the doors would be great.
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    Looking for parts for a 1981 C10

    Hey guys with christmas closing in fast im looking for some sheetmetal for my dads 81 C10 that hes been wanting to fix up for about 5 years. Its got some serious cancer in the floor board and rockers/cab corners. Is there anywhere you guys know of that i can buy quality parts like these? Any...
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    Temporary new wheels what do you think?

    Got some 20s for my truck ( see sig) im driving an 02 tahoe z71 right now so the lug pattern is the same and i threw them on to see what they look like... if i was buying wheels for the tahoe no doubt i would go at least 22s, but i think these look alright for now on the tahoe. Opinions...
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    Tell me what american racing wheels these are please!

    20 inch 6 lug. wondering if you guys knew the model thanks in advance!
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    Wanted: RCSB 2wd rolling frame

    88-98 Regular cab short bed fleetside 2wd frame with no damage is what im after. If its a part out even better! please let me know what you have.
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    Old member new FSC!

    Well I'm just adding to the collection. Can't afford to continue to workon the truck right now because of school so I have this as the DD. Gonna put a small sound system in it, wheels, tune, maybe exhaust/intake. Any ideas on wheels? Looking for 20s or 22s 2001 z71 Metallic green 65k...
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    Wanted: OBS (1990) Mount for electric fans (LS1)

    I need a mount for my ls1 fans and just simply dont have the time or space to make another one. Could be very simple just dont have the time. Let me know what you have and some pictures thanks.
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    need crappy 5 lug wheels!

    lookin for some thrashed 5 lug wheels and tires to make my frame a roller needs tires so i can roll it around but if they are trashed thats fine. lookin for something in indiana for around 100 bucks. thanks
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    Wanted 88-98 2WD Frame

    Need a 88-98 2wd rcsb 1500 frame. Preferably rolling or completley bare. let me know what you got, where your located and price.
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    1981 Chevy C10 tail light problems! HELP!

    I am having one hell of a time figuring out my current situation. The rear right tail light stopped working completely, the left turnsignal stoped as well so i dove under the truck and found some SLOPPY trailer wiring install, tore all of it out reconnected wires. Now the left rear tail is...
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    1988-1994 QLogic Kick panels

    These have 6.5 inch openings with optional placement for tweeter. These go for 200 and up, these are BRAND NEW unused kick panels im asking 130 shipped.
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    TBI 350 Ceramic Coated Long tubes and custom dual exhaust

    Well my truck will be under going major changes in the summer months. All items are located in Indianapolis 46240. Best way to contact me is through PM or aim at jeeper09 . 1. Long Tube Ceramic Coated Headman Headders. About 2k miles on these. as seen here...
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    Morel/Vifa 6.5 inch components

    I have a never used set of Morel tweeters, vifa mids, and dayton audio xovers that i had put together for me and never got a chance to use. 200 Shipped. Vifa Mids- Morel Tweeters-...
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    88-98 RCSB frame

    Wanted Reg Cab Short Bed Frame 2WD ONLY. Dont want any damage, some rust i can deal with. Im in indianapolis.