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  • hey man, I've been on a bunch of gun threads here on FSC, and you seem pretty knowledgable on firearms, I believe you either work at a gun shop or own one ?/ Either way....

    I wanted your general opinion on the colt 1911 anniversary 3 model. It's going for about 1150 I think.
    Do you think that it would be worth money down the line bc it's anniversary model? Would it be wrong to buy one and use it as a range shooter?
    Thank you
    just read the whole subburban extreme make over thead!took me over an hour i didnt skip no pages i was building up the antisipation to see your truck.open the thread back up or post more pics!!
    he needs to learn how to spell

    "AR15 convesion kil 1-26 rd mag"

    i'll bring the box with me next time i'm out there so you can enjoy the retardation :D
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