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  • It used to drive through norman all the time on the way to Thunder valley, I used to see it at the loves on highway 9 all the time.
    I think a mildy built ls2 would definately make a hoe move.
    Slap a 4link, posi, and that motor, and maybe some 15 inch slicks in the back and see how she runs :)
    if you've seen The black 91 stepside on here with the lt1 swap.
    But jesus, it makes me want an lt1 in my hoe.
    I eventually want to do a 6.0 swap in mine.
    Either that, or a 6.6 diesel :D
    I've put a cam, intake, and pistons in my buddys motor a couple times.
    And intake, and other basic stuff.
    I want to bag a truck, but I don't have a welder, or any skills LOL
    Do you have a hook up at advantage audio, or is that just where you go.
    yeah ive helped bag about 4 or 5 trucks, and have lowered and helped lower about 6 differant trucks, and helped do about 6 systems, but i usually have advantage audio here in norman do my audio work. The most ive done to any engines is basically just bolt in stuff like cold air intakes and stuff like that so i dont have alot of experience in that department
    I used to go cruise up there, I haven't in a while.
    But yeah, I mean I've done about 6 motor swaps.
    They were all like, simple ones though, you didnt have to change any wiring harness's or anything.
    The ones I've done have pretty much been all direct bolt in, for the most part, and yeah, mostly what I have done is suspension. and next to no audio lol.
    I'm not like a guru or anything, i'm only 17, but Im learning my stuff.
    I would love to help man when I have the free time.
    I havent had any problems with mine at all so far.
    No check engine light, no nothing.
    Runs great, and all I've done is an oil change and new oil filter.
    Next service im gonna do plugs, wires, caps, oil, and maybe cap.
    Should run alot better than it does now.
    I don't think that there is a shave kit for it, but I imagine with a little creativity, it wouldnt be that hard to figure out something that they wouldnt stick out a mile.
    I've thought about it, Just trying to think up a new hinge design that wont overlap and hit the rest of the body is the troubling part.
    I wanna do a 6 lug swap eventually.
    But I love the look of 5 spoke wheels,
    I know there are some 6 lug with 5 spoke, but theres not a huge choice.
    The main reason I would also do it is for the rear disk brake upgrade.
    I'm not sure if theres a kit for 5 lug or not, but I haven't done a whole lot of looking up on it.
    If I had the fab skills, and a donor truck, I would do it.
    But Unfortunately I have neither.
    I really prefer the look of the hatch over the barn doors.
    But if you notice, MOST people that do anything to a 2dr has a hatch.
    So having a custom 2dr with barn doors
    is at least SEMI unique
    I mean, I know I'm not the only one, but there are far fewer custom ones with barn style doors than hatch is what I'm getting at.
    What year are you going to get when you look for one?
    yeah, I wish I had a hatch.
    But finding a clean one is even harder to com across thats got one.
    I wish they were an easy swap to the hatch.
    But its far from easy, theres alot of fab work involed -_-
    Well, the body guy I know, just gave me the idea to just paint the gastank cover to match the truck, which doing that, I don't think it would stickout as much.
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