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  • u still got the 355? u had her on the dyno? or know a rough estimate on hp and torque?
    hey u still got the 355? what all will i need to throw in a 95 sierra tbi? just a wire harness? did u have the motor dyno'd?
    Hey James, My name is Clint and I would like to ask you about your post in 2009 when you got your truck stuck in the mud and developed a rough idle and backfiring with the codes of p0339 and p0341. I have a 98 chevy Tahoe 4x4 with a 5.7lt and I got stuck one night and while sitting in the water my fan was slinging water on the motor. I've replace everything electrical, all sensors,pcm, distribitor, fuel injectors, crank sensor and pigtail, coil, ICM, o2 sensors,MAF sensor, water temp sensor, map sensor, check wiring, changed alternator and pigtail, well you name it and I've changed it. Its been sitting for 3 yrs now. I've had it in 2 shops with no results other than they say its electrical and not machanical. Timings rights. Did all the relearn procedures. I'm still getting codes p0339 and p0341. My question to you is did you ever figure your problem out and if so could you please help me by letting me know what you did.
    Hey would you and the lousiana guys be interested in coming over to the houston area in march to meet all the FSC guys and see our texas meet?
    Hey I hope you dont mind me asking but hows your trans holding up with the new motor I was thinking about doing something similiar but I think Ill need to build a trans over the winter while im at it. Thanks
    how much youll sell it for? bein its a 14 bolt SF. wouldnt it be plenty strong enough for a DD/ off road use?
    Its a lockright locker... I originally bought and rebuilt a 14BSF, but changed my mind and did a 14FF.... Long story short, I have the locker that I put in the axle and did nothing with... brand new.... Its a "lunch box locker," meaning that all you have to do is take you wheels and brakes off, pop the cover, pull the center pin and spider gears out of your diff, drop the locker in, and put back together. Its a "more economical" way to put a locker in in lieu of a full carrier locker (eaton, detriot, etc.). Anyways, got it sitting on the workbench if interested.
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