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    Been awhile, New pictures of the truck

    I havent posted pictures of my truck in awhile, but I cleaned it up yesterday and thought id snap a few.. Its been awhile, but not much has changed.. /
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    Been along time, Heres one new pic..

    Just cleaned up the truck and decided to snap a picture, I need to take some more pics, its been a long time!
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    Fender flares or no??

    I recently got a set of OEM style fender flares and was trying to decide If i wanted to put them on. And then if I want them to be black or take them and get them color matched white. I definitley would like to use them cuz they hide a few imperfections on the paint. I think since my front...
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    New 18" Silverado Wheels And Tires

    For sale 4 all new 18 inch silverado wheels and tires. Tires are 265/65/18 bridgestone dueler A/T's. Center caps and lug nuts included. Local pick up only, I would consider meeting somewhere within reason. I would have no idea how to even go about shipping these. Asking 1200 or best offer. They...
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    Brand new take offs for this winter..

    I got a set of new take offs and thought I'd test fit one and take a few pics. Im actaully considering putting them on and keeping them on and selling my BFG mud terrains and classic 2 wheels, with that being said, I HAVE to get a couple size bigger tires, 265/65's just dont look right to me, so...
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    Pic request of 265 tires

    I was wonderin if anyone could help me out. I'm looking at a set of 265/65/18 take off wheels on a silverado for a pretty good price I think. They're two whole sizes Down from what I got now. Anyone give me an idea what a truck with a rc leveling kit would look like with that size? Thanks
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    Colormatching the mirrors.. Again.

    So Ive been thinking about redoing my mirrors because I'm unhappy with the krylon paint I used last go around. So I'm going to redo it tonight and tomorrow. This time I'm going with dupli-color perfect match rattle can. I took them Off tonight and sanded them down with 220 and 400 grit and...
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    Wanting some body side molding..

    Yeah I know I'm crazy. Everyone debadges their trucks. And I'm getting kinda tired of mine looking so plain, so I'm gonna throw some back on there I think. Anyone have any laying around? Maybe some of the Nnbs? I not then maybe the ones from the nbs like mine would be alright. Anyone help me??
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    Wanting Nnbs factory wheels

    Will the wheels off the 2008 to current work on my 2001? As long as it's 6 on 5.5 were good right? Anyways id really like to have the 18 inch style with tires for winter time. Almost take anything if I have to before winter. Of anyone has any message me. Would like to try to meet fairly close...
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    Help finding NBS with NNNBS wheels.

    Would that be NNBS, or NNNBS?? lol But im thinkin of buying a set of these for winter. And maybe full time if I like them enough and can sell my Mickey Thompsons. Id like to see what a truck like mine would look like with these. Im talking mainly about these. Or maybe even these.. Their 20's...
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    Well first time posting in awhile.. unfortunately..

    Wish it wasn't like this.. but hey it could have been worse right? So anyways I was on my way home from work, less than a half mile from home, down the road, and around the corner. I actaully almost never go down that road either, and in the corner of my eye I swear I see something and...
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    HELP PLEASE! Mickey Thompson Center Caps NEEDED!

    Well in May I ordered center caps for my truck that I have to have with my wheels, them stupid bolt on/screw on. Its from here But anways I tried to order them in May right, Im STILL waiting for them to ship. Does anyone have any like these for...
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    Need a new sig pleease

    Sig request, and maybe blur out the license plate? Thanks in advance
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    99-02 OEM Fender Flares

    Exactly as said, Im wanting some OEM fender flares, really want SMOOTH white. But I may just settle for any, and sand and paint them myself. Thanks
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    Few New Pics Of The White Chevy

    Its been a long time since I have posted anything, so just washed it up, thought I'd take a few pics.