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  • hey you wouldn't happen to have the dizzy still?
    I have a misfire on number eight and think it's from the cap hopping...
    anything new? it's been a long time since i talked to ya.
    kids are getting old. daughters three and son is almost one. craziness....
    one thing is for sure, kids are expensive. don't have any if you like money haha.
    anyways truck is chugging misfire on number 8. i think it might be the sucky injector poppet.
    hey man-
    haven't talked to ya in a while... how are things going? still have the truck I assume?
    had issues with mine lately- cracked dizzy, blew a brake line etc... but not too bad other than that.
    what are you up to now, still working at the tire shop?
    talk to ya later,
    quit eating cheeto's and watching tv!

    how's it going man? still got the truck right? ever finish the sas and the other shat?

    -Andy O
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